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  • Prime Video Pitches a Message (and Thousands of Balls) in New Ad: ‘Baseball Is for All’
    Whether it's music, film, medicine or sports, women often face discrimination in traditionally male-dominated spaces due to gender inequality. While various organizations are dedicated to addressing and dismantling institutional sexism, Prime Video is now entering the arena with a campaign to empower young female athletes to challenge the gendered boundaries of sports. To celebrate the...
  • The Streaming Ecosystem Is Changing Everything. Where Do We Go From Here?
    With the news that both Disney+ and Netflix will introduce ad-supported tiers, the transformation of the streaming landscape continues. Formerly closed ecosystems will be opening the door to advertising for the first time, and with that comes new opportunities and new challenges for brands. The hurdles that lie ahead are reminiscent of the early days...
  • How EA Sports Is Staying in the Game Despite End of FIFA Licensing Deal
    In FIFA 22's first six days after launching in September, 9.1 million players joined a match and 460 million games were played. The video game, which is revised and re-released annually, is one of the most popular on the market--and soon, it will undergo a major change. Though the game will look the same, its...
  • Messenger Dives Deeper Into End-to-End Encrypted Conversations
    Messenger is testing new ways to incorporate the emphasis on end-to-end encrypted chats from corporate sibling WhatsApp. The Meta-owned messaging application began testing a secure storage option for people who wish to back up their end-to-end encrypted Messenger conversations, which are currently stored on their devices, in the event the device is lost or replaced...
  • Why Your Story Shouldn’t Be What Gets Cut
    Economists and consumers agree: We're in a recession, and brands are, understandably, nervous. Nervous about what's next, sure, but also what it means for their bottom line. To better recession-proof their businesses, some are increasing prices. Others are cutting spending, pouring over their books with a fine-tooth comb. And while avoiding tight margins is crucial,...
  • Liquid Death Doles Out 6-Figure Endorsement to a Pro Football ‘Hydration Assistant’
    Travis Poulson isn't a household name--yet--but maybe he should be since his sideline skills are unparalleled and, without him, the gridiron warriors of the Indianapolis Colts might die of dehydration. Poulson is not a waterboy, according to Liquid Death; he's a "hydration assistant." And he's now landed a six-figure endorsement deal from the brand as...
  • WhatsApp: How to Change Who Can Add You to Groups
    By default, WhatsApp allows all users to add other users to groups in the messaging application. However, users have the ability to prevent other users from being able to add them to groups if they'd like. Our guide will show you how to change who can add you to groups on WhatsApp. Note: These screenshots...
  • LinkedIn Gives Creators More Options for Crafting Content
    LinkedIn detailed two new features for creators on its platform, along with a third that will be added this fall. Creators can now add clickable links directly onto their images and videos in order to encourage followers to take action. Tapping the "add a link" icon will enable this function, and custom link text can...
  • South Park Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary With a Traveling Exhibit
    When Leighann Farrelly and other team members at experiential agency Superfly visited a storage unit in Los Angeles containing everything related to South Park, they were dusting off old scripts and rare T-shirts--literally. It had been a while since anyone had gone through everything in the unit, and it was full of what are now...
  • A Super Hero Epic Spot Promos Adidas Tie Up With Artist Hebru Brantley
    If you don't know Hebru Brantley, he is a Chicago-born comic-book style artist who has exhibited his work featuring iconic-looking characters, described as "Afro-futurism," all around the world--and recently teamed with Adidas to release a special trainer range. Those classic characters Frogboy and Rocket were created to express a desire for freedom, solidarity and convey...

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  • Become an effective project manager with this heavily discounted course bundle
    TL;DR: The 2022 Premium Project Management Super Prep Bundle is on sale for £49.65, saving you 93% on list price.Project management is one of those transferable skills that are usually pretty in-demand. It’s also a skill that could be hard to learn if you don’t have a dedicated teacher or a way to learn it […]
  • Protect your privacy with the best free VPN
    TL;DR: ProtonVPN offers one of the best free cybersecurity services, with access to 24 servers in three countries, decent connection speeds, and a strict no-logging policy. You can upgrade if you require more advanced features for streaming.Should you consider free VPNs? It's a common question without a straightforward answer. There are plenty of free VPNs […]
  • 'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for August 12
    It's Friday and there's a fresh Wordle to solve — which means our daily Wordle help is here for you just in case you hit that pre-weekend wall.The answer to the August 12 Wordle, puzzle #419, can be found at the end of this article. Before you get there, though, there are a couple of […]
  • Stephen Colbert's 'deleted scenes' turn 'Severance' into 'The Office'
    The Emmy campaign for Severance is clearly in full swing. Not only did The Late Show devote an entire segment of Thursday night's show to the AppleTV+ series — which is nominated for 14 of TV's pointiest and most prestigious award statuettes — but host Stephen Colbert also got to join the severed Macro Data […]
  • 'Quordle' today: Here are the answers and hints for August 12
    Welp, you made it to Friday. You fought your way through another whole week, and now Quordle has the nerve to overheat your brain? At a time like this you need to be transitioning to the weekend, not beating your head against the wall because of four confusing words!The good news is: the Quordle answers […]
  • Apple TV+'s 'Bad Sisters' review: Sharon Horgan's dark comedy ditches whodunnit for how
    What was it about Catastrophe, the comedy/drama Sharon Horgan co-created with Rob Delaney, that made it so damn good? The sharp writing? The clever blend of genres? The fun story? All those things played a part, but it was the characters — in all their flawed, human, amusing glory — that truly elevated the show. […]
  • 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' gets the 'Law and Order' treatment in new trailer
    "In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the people are protected by two separate yet equally important groups: The heroes who save them, and the attorneys who clean up their collateral damage. But only one can be both. This is her story."Dun dun.The latest trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law adds an MCU spin to the iconic […]
  • Facebook Messenger finally wants to make end-to-end encrypted the default
    Facebook Messenger is testing ways to protect user privacy with a handful of new security features. On Wednesday, the messaging platform announced it would begin testing "secure storage" of users' Messenger conversations on the company's server, so that users can still access their message history even if they've lost their device or want to restore […]
  • Fancy jam hive assemble: The viral Bonne Maman Advent calendar is back for 2022
    UPDATE: Aug. 11, 2022, 4:49 p.m. EDT The Bonne Maman 2022 Limited Edition Advent Calendar was miraculously back in stock on Amazon at the time of publication, with estimated delivery dates pegged in late August. Our original story continues below.Wake up babe, new jam Advent calendar just dropped.The French preserves and spreads manufacturer Bonne Maman […]
  • Virtual try-on lets you preview metaverse makeup in real-time
    We tried out three makeup products from three different retailers in the metaverse before purchasing their physical counterparts to compare the results. In this episode of Beauty, Hacked, Jennimai puts a foundation, blush, and lipstick from Estée Lauder, NARs, and Laura Mercier to the test to determine whether beauty in the metaverse can actually change the way we interact with […]

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  • TV ad: Tiger Beer: The Golden Son
    To celebrate the start of this year's football season, which kicked off last weekend, Tiger Beer has unveiled its latest global campaign with Publicis Communications titled, 'The Golden Son', starring Official Tiger Brand Ambassador Son Heung-Min. 'The Golden Son' celebrates Son's most recent triumph: in May, he became the first Asian player to win the […]
  • TV ad: ASUS Zenfone 9: Grab Life with One Hand
    ASUSTeK Computer Inc. and GREY Hong Kong have joined forces to introduce the Zenfone 9, the latest model in the world-renowned Zenfone series. Leveraging on its small size, the Zenfone 9 is introduced with the idea: ''Compact Size, Big Possibilities''. The Zenfone series has always been popular among ''techies'' and ''gamers''. However, the tech giant […]
  • TV ad: Amazon Prime: A Girls’ Letter to the Future
    Prime Video's New Series, A League of Their Own, Brings Together Female Athletes and the Sports Community To Write A Letter Inspiring And Forging A New Tomorrow For Girls In Sports Everywhere. Agency: NewhouseCategory: Entertainment & leisureClient: Amazon PrimeAgency: Newhouse AgencyCreative Director: Erik BlairProducer: Amy CastellanoCopywriter: tim greeneExecutive Producer: Andy RobbinsExecutive Producer: Robert NuellOther credits: […]
  • TV ad: Perkier Bars: Freezer
    You don’t need to strap solar panels to your chest and sunbathe in your garden to be a good person, says health bar brand Perkier. You just need a snack bar that’s super dedicated to doing you and the planet good, while being seriously tasty. Perkier only uses ingredients that are plant-based and nutritionist-approved - […]
  • TV ad: Perkier Bars: Transformer
    You don’t need to strap solar panels to your chest and sunbathe in your garden to be a good person, says health bar brand Perkier. You just need a snack bar that’s super dedicated to doing you and the planet good, while being seriously tasty. Perkier only uses ingredients that are plant-based and nutritionist-approved - […]
  • TV ad: Perkier Bars: Blender
    You don't need to strap solar panels to your chest and sunbathe in your garden to be a good person, says health bar brand Perkier. You just need a snack bar that's super dedicated to doing you and the planet good, while being seriously tasty. The creative platform and campaign was created and produced by […]
  • TV ad: NuFACE: Find Beauty In The Current
    Independent creative agency, Burns Group, and NuFACE, global pioneers in at-home microcurrent skincare, announced today the launch of the brand's first global ad campaign, 'FIND BEAUTY IN THE CURRENT', in support of NuFACE's latest innovation and brand relaunch. The campaign flips the traditional anti-aging/problem-solution skincare narrative on its head, by focusing on women being in […]
  • TV ad: Cheestrings: Lunch Trade
    The stunt, created for Cheestrings by Toronto agency Broken Heart Love Affair, has so far resulted in over 1,000 serious (and not so serious) offers, and 213M (and counting) earned media impressions. Last Tuesday (Aug 2) a giant billboard selling a single Cheestring went up at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square. Yeah, a Cheestring. The ad read: […]
  • Outdoor ad: Royal Mail: Delivering with Pride, 2
    To celebrate LGBTQ+ Royal Mail employees and everyone else taking part at Pride events happening across the country in August, AMV BBDO has created an outdoor campaign that will be seen at the different pride parades this summer. The work is part of the brand's ongoing relationship with the agency since last summer. The strategic […]
  • Print ad: Royal Mail: Royal Mail Pride Rainbow
    To celebrate LGBTQ+ Royal Mail employees and everyone else taking part at Pride events happening across the country in August, AMV BBDO has created an outdoor campaign that will be seen at the different pride parades this summer. The work is part of the brand's ongoing relationship with the agency since last summer. The strategic […]

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  • Googly-eyed robots, aisle 9
    The owner of Giant grocery stores is teaming up with a company called Badger Technologies to launch robots in 172 of its mid-Atlantic stores.At 6'3", it's a rather tall robot, unlike small roombas that scoot around partially undetected. It's end result helps consumers in some way, by making sure products are stocked on shelves and […]
  • Arby's-themed subscription boxes
    Awareness is often a key, and important, marketing objective for brands to get consumers started on the path to purchase. However, sometimes not enough effort is placed on, or invested in, their true brand loyalists.Take Arby's, who created a 6-month monthly subscription box, that doesn't contain food, but rather sandwich and Arby's themed merchandise for […]
  • Emotional support (fried) chicken
    Emotional support animals run the gammet these days, and more and more people are trying to bring them on planes, from peacocks to fish.Fast food chain Popeyes created a limited edition carrier, served at the Philadelphia airport, for passengers to take on board as their "emotional support chicken." It's a TSA-approved way for consumers to […]
  • Hoo-whaaat?!? Lil Jon + Kool-Aid collab
    It seems that every year, more and more artists release their own covers and versions of holiday songs. Probably for good reason - consumers love revamps of the classics and new hits to keep their holiday playlists fresh.So why shouldn't brands get in on this holiday trend? Enter Kool-Aid and Lil Jon, who just released […]
  • Dove Men+Care is bringing Dads+Kids together
    Whether we realize it or not, haircuts are a big part of the holiday season for many. Whether it's for holiday parties or family, it's nice to take a moment for yourself and freshen up your look.Dove Men+Care is building on that and transforming it into a way for Dads and their kids to spend […]
  • Look out Super Bowl, Bud Light's coming to town
    The Super Bowl isn't just about the football - it's also about the ads, and of course the halftime show. Bud Light is creating its own brand experience centered around music and hosting an entire music fest the weekend leading up to the big game in Atlanta, where its being hosted. And they are getting […]
  • Discover unknown places first, with Lufthansa
    Travel companies have used unique ways in the past to encourage consumers to travel (and hopefully use their services to do so). Lufthansa create an experiential photography exhibit to show people photographs of truly unique places they've never seen before - but then revealed the reason why that is, is because they don't actually exist. […]
  • Brrrrrr-inging trial to outerwear
    Luxury outerwear brand Canada Goose has really grown in popularity, and if you've been intrigued by how warm the coats look and googled it or asked someone who owns one, you know they cost more than your average Patagonia or North Face down coat (sometimes 3x+ as much).The company knows they need to put their […]
  • Digitally connected cafes offer virtual meals
    Let's throw another shrimp on the bah-bee, and pour another pint o'Guiness for a meal with loved ones overseas!Terrible cliches aside, Samsung is creating pop-up restaurants that allow people in Dublin to virtually enjoy a meal with an expat loved one in Sydney, Australia, based on the high volume of Irish citizens that move to […]
  • Sausage-scented wrapping paper, by Jimmy Dean
    Aaaaahhh...there's nothing quite like the smell of savory sausage on Christmas morning, emanating from your....wrapping paper. Yes, wrapping paper - not your kitchen.For sausage enthusiasts, Jimmy Dean is giving away free branded items in exchange for pictures of consumers' favorite recipes and dishes featuring JD's sausage. Other items include a glass sausage ornament, an apron […]

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