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  • Amazon’s Ad Business Continues to Surge Even as Google and Meta Face Slowdowns
    Despite an overall mixed performance in the last quarter, Amazon continued to steadily expand its ads business, clocking 19% in year-over-year growth even as tech giants like Meta and Google have seen sales slow. The online shopping giant said in its earnings report this week that it brought in $11.6 billion of ad sales in...
  • Google Reports Decreased Ad Revenue Amid Looming Advertiser Pullback
    Last year, as the economy began to cool from a post-lockdown shot in the arm and Apple's privacy changes started to cripple social platforms' ability to execute targeted advertising, tech companies faltered--but Google seemed to be insulated. A mainstay of digital ad plans for decades and less vulnerable to identifier deprecation as an intent-based media,...
  • For Marketing Talent, 2023 Will Be the Great Course Correction
    If 2021 was the Great Resignation and 2022 was the Great Reshuffle, I'm calling 2023 the Great Course Correction--the year when the power dynamic between employee and employer equalizes somewhere in the middle. When we read about the labor market these days, it's rarely positive. But the truth is the advertising and marketing talent industry...
  • Accenture Song Hires New Netherlands and Metaverse Leads
    Accenture Song has made two senior executive hires in Europe: Patritia Pahladsingh was named as CEO and managing director of Accenture Song in The Netherlands, and Magic Leap's James Temple joins as its global metaverse lead. Pahladsingh joined from TBWA\Neboko, where she was managing director, having spent 17 years within the Amsterdam-based creative agency. She...
  • Messenger: How to Use the Black History Month Chat Theme
    February is Black History Month, and to celebrate, Messenger released a Black History Month chat theme featuring textile patterns created by Hadiya Williams. When the Black History Month chat theme is activated, the chat's emoji will automatically change to the black heart emoji. Our guide will show you how to use the Black History Month...
  • Paramount+’s Stallone Super Bowl Ad Is Anything But Rocky
    When it comes to Paramount+'s Super Bowl ad, you can take it at face value. After skipping the Big Game last year, the streaming service is returning with a 60-second spot featuring the star of Paramount+'s Tulsa King, Sylvester Stallone. The ad once again takes place on Paramount Mountain, but the setting has a new...
  • Inside Priceline’s Omnichannel Super Bowl Campaign Built Around Kaley Cuoco and New Sonic Branding
    For the latest Super Bowl 57 advertising news--who's in, who's out, teasers, full ads and more--check out Adweek's Super Bowl 2023 Ad Tracker and the rest of our stories here. And join us on the evening of Feb. 12 for the best in-game coverage of the commercials. Priceline has been doling out travel deals for...
  • Will Ferrell Dead-Pans With Netflix in General Motors Co-Branded Super Bowl Ad
    Netflix and General Motors are back in the Big Game--but this time together. The two brands teamed up for a 60-second Super Bowl ad featuring Will Ferrell as the newest lead in top Netflix series including Stranger Things, Squid Game, Bridgerton, Army of the Dead, Love is Blind and more, with GM electric vehicles heavily...
  • Erin Andrews Saves Valentines Day as a Gritty Anti-Hero for Her Line of Sports Gear
    Valentine's Day marketing for oblivious significant others writes itself around this time of year. "Seeking a gift for that special someone? Tell her how much you love her with a [random floral arrangement/oddly brown diamond/set of lingerie you didn't get the measurements for] at [insert brand] today." It's holiday marketing precipitated on not knowing your...
  • Stella Artois Taps The Sims to Help Players Be Unfiltered and Free
    Premium Belgian beer brand Stella Artois is set for its first foray into the world of gaming with the release of an unofficial tie-in with Electronic Arts franchise The Sims, which will allow players to download and add the brand's campaign into their own virtual worlds. The release of the Stella Artois Unfiltered mod pack...

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  • Vivo's X90 flagship phones charge to 50 percent in 8 minutes
    Just days after Samsung launched its Galaxy S23 series of flagship smartphones, China's Vivo is here to spoil its party. On Friday, the company launched the Vivo X90 and Vivo X90 Pro, a pair of powerful phones with a long and interesting list of features. The X90 Pro is the more powerful of the two, […]
  • 8 classic 'stand-alone' TV episodes, including that 'The Last Of Us' heartbreaker
    As the entire internet fell in love with The Last of Us' Bill and Frank this week, a side conversation broke out: how wild is it for a show to devote its third episode ever to a standalone story? In its third week of airing, HBO's hit adaptation of the video game franchise panned away […]
  • The best under-desk treadmills for keeping it moving
    This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.We're about to hit you with some hard facts. Are you sitting down?Just kidding — you don't have to answer that. Studies show that the average adult sits for nearly 10 hours every day, so there's a good […]
  • Best Valentine's Day gifts for her: Thoughtful picks to up the romance
    Happy Valentine's Day season, lovebirds. Here's how to impress your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, or that cute girl in your building you've been flirting with for months:1. Don't get her that gaudy chocolate diamond necklace that jewelry stores are shoving down your throat.That's it, that's the whole gift guide.OK, maybe it's not that easy, but finding […]
  • The best 4K TVs for watching the big game
    4K TVs are more of a mainstay buy than a luxury purchase these days. They're so much the norm, in fact, that it's unlikely to find more than a few non-4K options in stock at any given store. If you're looking to buy a 4K TV ahead of the big NFL football game, you're in […]
  • Ashley Johnson and Travis Willingham talk Pike and Grog's friendship in 'The Legend of Vox Machina'
    Few things in The Legend of Vox Machina are as pure as the friendship between holy cleric Pike (voiced by Ashley Johnson) and axe-wielding barbarian Grog (voiced by Travis Willingham). On paper, the two may seem entirely different: Pike's tiny, Grog is massive; Pike heals, Grog rages. Yet despite these differences, Pike and Grog share […]
  • Twitter is getting rid of its free API tier. That's a nightmare for accessibility activists.
    No surprise here: Elon Musk has once again made Twitter worse. The CEO's latest blow to the platform's functionality removes free access to its API, posing an imminent threat for users with disabilities, accessibility advocates, and helpful bots. On Feb. 1, Twitter announced it would be moving all API access to paid tiers based on […]
  • 'Eileen' review: 2024's Oscar race has begun with this sharp, sapphic thriller from Sundance
    The buzz around Sundance 2023 was that Eileen was like Carol with a dash of Hitchcock. That's good buzz if you can get it. Undeniably, there are superficial similarities between Todd Haynes's heralded drama and William Oldroyd's latest. Both are romantic period pieces centered on lesbian lovers, one of whom is a mousy brunette, the […]
  • What the heck is a 'Skinamarink'? Explaining the abstract horror gem
    Do you remember any of your nightmares from when you were a kid? That’s the question that director Kyle Edward Ball put forth on Reddit a few years back. The answers he received inspired his debut feature Skinamarink, a deeply unnerving waking nightmare that's crept its way like a cursed object into a few hundred […]
  • Bryan Cranston may be the calmest 'Hot Ones' guest we've seen so far
    It may be his second time on First We Feast's Hot Ones, but Bryan Cranston is still far calmer than he has any right to be.In the clip above he munches through increasingly spicy wings while casually answering questions about Your Honour, mezcal, and the draw of flawed characters.We've seen calm guests before on the […]

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  • TV ad: Seagram's 7: It's Your Spot
    Global creative collective Forsman & Bodenfors continues its longstanding creative partnership with Diageo by crafting a clever new campaign for the latter’s Seagram’s 7 Crown American blended whiskey brand. With “It’s Your Spot,” Forsman & Bodenfors highlights how Seagram’s 7 has expanded its status beyond that of a dive bar favorite into a drink suitable […]
  • TV ad: Nissan ARYIA: North to South Pole
    As British EV adventurers Chris and Julie Ramsey prepare to embark on a remarkable and unprecedented journey from North to South Pole driving the all-electric Nissan ARYIA, Dark Horses has created a social campaign to launch the amazingly daring quest. The Ramsey’s will be travelling over 27,000km, across 14 countries and 3 continents with predicted […]
  • TV ad: Melissa McCarthy Big Game Teaser
    Zulu Alpha Kilo NY launches the official 15 second teaser video for’s 2023 ‘big game’ commercial. The teaser stars Emmy Award winning, Academy and Golden Globe-nominated American actress and producer Melissa McCarthy as the brand’s latest spokesperson. A continuation of the brand’s beloved Booking.Yeah campaign, the global travel leader is returning with its second […]
  • Outdoor ad: Reporters Without Borders Sweden: The Self Censoring Ad, 1
    On January 1st, a new Espionage Act came to effect in Sweden. An amendment to the constitution that criminalizes whistleblowers, leading to censorship and threatening free speech as we know it. To shine a light on this alarming development, Reporters Without Borders Sweden launched a self-censoring campaign. On the brink of the new year, they […]
  • Outdoor ad: Reporters Without Borders Sweden: The Self Censoring Ad, 2
    On January 1st, a new Espionage Act came to effect in Sweden. An amendment to the constitution that criminalizes whistleblowers, leading to censorship and threatening free speech as we know it. To shine a light on this alarming development, Reporters Without Borders Sweden launched a self-censoring campaign. On the brink of the new year, they […]
  • TV ad: Avocados from Mexico: The World Is About To Get Better
    Holy guacamole! Today, Avocados From Mexico (AFM), the number one selling avocado brand in the US, dropped the official teaser for their 2023 Big Game ad. The commercial, featuring actress and comedic star Anna Faris in her Big Game debut, is part of the brand's perfectly ripe campaign designed to show how Avocados From Mexico […]
  • TV ad: Michelob Ultra: Full Swing
    Michelob ULTRA, the second-largest beer brand in the country, is teeing up superior enjoyment for all and unveiling the brand’s boldest campaign in its history on football’s biggest stage. During the Big Game and beyond, Michelob ULTRA is celebrating a new era for the sport by championing equal enjoyment for all. Michelob ULTRA is once […]
  • TV ad: Michelob Ultra: New Members Day
    Michelob ULTRA, the second-largest beer brand in the country, is teeing up superior enjoyment for all and unveiling the brand’s boldest campaign in its history on football’s biggest stage. During the Big Game and beyond, Michelob ULTRA is celebrating a new era for the sport by championing equal enjoyment for all. Michelob ULTRA is once […]
  • TV ad: MANSCAPED: The Stand-In
    The latest of the MANSCAPED ads featuring Pete Davidson is out, and this time it features the newest product: The Beard Hedger. The commercial titled “The Stand-In”, conceptualized by creative agency INNOCEAN Berlin, introduces the premium beard sculpting machine that’s got enough power and precision to craft your style in a single swipe. In pure […]
  • TV ad: Paramount+: Stallone Face
    For Paramount+'s Big Game commercial, Sylvester Stallone and his daughters Sophia, Scarlet and Sistine set up camp on Paramount Mountain, along with some other familiar faces (Dora The Explorer, Captain Pike, Ensign Mariner, Lieutenant Dangle, and Beavis and Butt-Head). Can Sly make it to the top of Sylvester Stallone Face? There's only one way to […]

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  • Introducing FeedBlitz Accel
    A new plan to help you define, refine, and maximize subscriber engagement and audience targeting for stellar results. Increase Visibility The data and capabilities to reach your subscribers when they’re most likely to open your emails. Boost Engagement Increased visibility leads to higher open rates, higher click-throughs, and overall higher engagement. Power Revenue And when […]
  • Pulling Back the Curtain on Email Deliverability
    You can create the best email in the world, but it won’t matter if it doesn’t make it to your subscriber. And that’s why it’s vitally important you work with an email service provider (like FeedBlitz!) who places the highest possible focus and dedication on their deliverability practices. But what does deliverability mean? And how […]
  • Your Guide to the FeedBlitz Email Ad Program
    Every email you send and every update that goes live is an opportunity — and that includes the opportunity to generate revenue. You’ve carved out your space on the world wide web and built a community of like-minded people interested in reading what you provide. You also created an email list from that community and […]
  • (Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Emails with Fall and Halloween-themed Templates
    Save time on design and get a jumpstart in spicing up your emails with a free Fall or Halloween-themed email template! A simple and easy way to bring the holidays into your email marketing – without having to start a design from scratch – these Quick Start templates are available in every FeedBlitz account year-round. […]
  • It’s Official: Google is Ending FeedBurner Email. Here are Your Next Steps.
    Google has announced that Feedburner's email services will end in July 2021. Here's a guide for you to help you plan your move to a new email service as painlessly as possible.        
  • 3 Ways to Earn (Even More) Money with Your Emails
    Learn how you can turn your emails into revenue streams. Growing an audience is one of the most exciting and engaging things you can do online. Through a variety of many different outlets, including email, you’re able to offer value to like-minded people across the planet. And as a bonus, you also have the opportunity […]
  • New: Schedule Your Emails Multiple Days a Week or Month
    More hassle-free set it and forget it email campaigns at your fingertips. The beauty of automated RSS-to-email campaigns is the set it and forget it factor, knowing your email campaigns will be sent as scheduled with your new content – that was the foundation in creating FeedBlitz.And now, continuing our mission to provide the most […]
  • 60+ Free Email Templates to Jumpstart Your Email Marketing
    Win the Inbox with eye-catching email campaigns and save time when it comes to design. Designing a template, especially one from scratch, can be a major frustration. But what if the hard work was already done for you? What if templates showcasing your products, image layouts highlighting your work, invitations ready to be sent, podcast […]
  • Featured Images now in Gmail Promotions Tab Bundles!
    Gmail’s recent broad rollout of promotions tab bundles will reward good, engaging emails with more opportunities to solidify that engagement.FeedBlitz is helping you make the most of that opportunity, out of the box, today, by making every email we send bundle-ready with a featured image. Here’s how this gives you competitive advantage: The vast, vast […]
  • New Mapping Feature Available with Every Email Send
    Zoom in to discover where your emails are being read. A great new feature offering more insight into your subscribers is now available with every email send and monthly insight report:Geographic data on engagement stats.And not just the numbers, the team went a step further and added a mapping feature for visual representation. A new […]

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  • Googly-eyed robots, aisle 9
    The owner of Giant grocery stores is teaming up with a company called Badger Technologies to launch robots in 172 of its mid-Atlantic stores.At 6'3", it's a rather tall robot, unlike small roombas that scoot around partially undetected. It's end result helps consumers in some way, by making sure products are stocked on shelves and […]
  • Arby's-themed subscription boxes
    Awareness is often a key, and important, marketing objective for brands to get consumers started on the path to purchase. However, sometimes not enough effort is placed on, or invested in, their true brand loyalists.Take Arby's, who created a 6-month monthly subscription box, that doesn't contain food, but rather sandwich and Arby's themed merchandise for […]
  • Emotional support (fried) chicken
    Emotional support animals run the gammet these days, and more and more people are trying to bring them on planes, from peacocks to fish.Fast food chain Popeyes created a limited edition carrier, served at the Philadelphia airport, for passengers to take on board as their "emotional support chicken." It's a TSA-approved way for consumers to […]
  • Hoo-whaaat?!? Lil Jon + Kool-Aid collab
    It seems that every year, more and more artists release their own covers and versions of holiday songs. Probably for good reason - consumers love revamps of the classics and new hits to keep their holiday playlists fresh.So why shouldn't brands get in on this holiday trend? Enter Kool-Aid and Lil Jon, who just released […]
  • Dove Men+Care is bringing Dads+Kids together
    Whether we realize it or not, haircuts are a big part of the holiday season for many. Whether it's for holiday parties or family, it's nice to take a moment for yourself and freshen up your look.Dove Men+Care is building on that and transforming it into a way for Dads and their kids to spend […]
  • Look out Super Bowl, Bud Light's coming to town
    The Super Bowl isn't just about the football - it's also about the ads, and of course the halftime show. Bud Light is creating its own brand experience centered around music and hosting an entire music fest the weekend leading up to the big game in Atlanta, where its being hosted. And they are getting […]
  • Discover unknown places first, with Lufthansa
    Travel companies have used unique ways in the past to encourage consumers to travel (and hopefully use their services to do so). Lufthansa create an experiential photography exhibit to show people photographs of truly unique places they've never seen before - but then revealed the reason why that is, is because they don't actually exist. […]
  • Brrrrrr-inging trial to outerwear
    Luxury outerwear brand Canada Goose has really grown in popularity, and if you've been intrigued by how warm the coats look and googled it or asked someone who owns one, you know they cost more than your average Patagonia or North Face down coat (sometimes 3x+ as much).The company knows they need to put their […]
  • Digitally connected cafes offer virtual meals
    Let's throw another shrimp on the bah-bee, and pour another pint o'Guiness for a meal with loved ones overseas!Terrible cliches aside, Samsung is creating pop-up restaurants that allow people in Dublin to virtually enjoy a meal with an expat loved one in Sydney, Australia, based on the high volume of Irish citizens that move to […]
  • Sausage-scented wrapping paper, by Jimmy Dean
    Aaaaahhh...there's nothing quite like the smell of savory sausage on Christmas morning, emanating from your....wrapping paper. Yes, wrapping paper - not your kitchen.For sausage enthusiasts, Jimmy Dean is giving away free branded items in exchange for pictures of consumers' favorite recipes and dishes featuring JD's sausage. Other items include a glass sausage ornament, an apron […]

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