Going Green VS Going Red, White and Blue

June 9, 2011 @

Ever wonder why China has such a lead over the U.S. economy? Probably not. Most realize the bulk of our everyday products were ‘Made in China.’ However, what if marketers started to push domestic products the same way they push ‘green’ ones?

While this trend may seem foreign to some, those with a high level of industry saav and investment are already starting to see ROI from top brands to local stores. Next time you visit your neighborhood grocery store take a look at the produce section. You’ll find a wide array of items with the label, ‘Made in USA.’ But wait…hold that thought.

Let’s take this same concept and multiply it 10 times over and apply it to major corporations. Take for example Chrysler 200’s ‘Imported from Detroit’ superbowl TV spot. Some may not like new car but it definately generated buzz and created a selling point for Chrysler.

Now think of the possibilities of a variety of products made here in the U.S. AND marketed that way – a win/win situation for consumers and industry alike. Think it’s not possible? Just look at the progress Wal-Mart has made with it’s latest developments in a healthier food line people actually want to buy..

So the next time your stumped for ideas for your next advertising campaign, look towards a ‘domestic appeal’ instead of the far too common ‘green’ or ‘personalized appeals’


-Phil A.D.’s

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