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  • Photographer/Director Representation Agency: Assistant/Jr. Agent
    DOE: Photographer/Director Representation Agency: Boutique photographer/director agency is seeking an Asst Agent/Jr Sales rep to work with the sales & marketing lead, The agency represents several ... 11030, Manhasset part time and 10014, NYC part time
  • Creative Circle: Account Director
    competitive: Creative Circle: Position: Account DirectorLocation: San FranciscoStatus: Full TimeEstimated Duration: OngoingStarts: Interviewing Now!Rate: Up to $150,000 DOEJob Desc San Francisco, California
  • Cox Media Group: Account Executive
    competitive: Cox Media Group: Cox Media Group-Houston and its three radio stations: KGLK, KKBQ, KTHT along with Local Solutions Digital Agency, is hiring for highly motivated full- Houston, Texas
  • Creative Circle: Bilingual Copywriter
    competitive: Creative Circle: A leading company is looking for a Bilingual Copywriter to join their team.This role can be located in Richmond, VA or McLean, VA.This assignment is o McLean, Virginia
  • Creative Circle: Bilingual Public Relations Account Executive
    competitive: Creative Circle: Our agency client who has a beauty client has a need for a Bilingual Public Relations Account Executive onsite for a full time opportunity.BILINGUAL P Miami, Florida
  • Silverlight Digital LLC: Senior Digital Media Planner
    To be Discussed: Silverlight Digital LLC: All team members share a common desire to learn, grow, and seek the opportunity to grow their entrepreneurial spirit. New York City, New York
  • Creative Circle: Packaging Designer
    competitive: Creative Circle: Our boutique company who is well known for making products on the "As Seen On TV" space is seeking a GRAPHIC DESIGNER with Production skills to join t Hawthorne, New York
  • Creative Circle: Senior Copywriter
    competitive: Creative Circle: Position: Senior CopywriterLocation: Other MDStatus: Freelance to Full Time / Full TimeEstimated Duration: Possible Full TimeStarts: April/ May 2019Ra Frederick, MD, Maryland
  • Creative Circle: Copywriter
    competitive: Creative Circle: Our client, a boutique advertising agency, is looking for a Copywriter to join their team onsite. This is a full time opportunity.The Copywriter will Austin, Texas
  • Cox Media Group: Senior Account Executive
    competitive: Cox Media Group: Gamut, a subsidiary of Cox Media Group, is a solutions-based digital advertising organization focused on connecting brands to their most relevant cons Arlington, Virginia

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  • 33 Years Ago, Baltimore Freaked Out Over This Orgy Advertisement
    When it comes to the birds and the bees, most people would agree that a talk between parents and their children is a good idea. Of course, nudging mom and dad to start that squirmy discussion is another matter entirely. Three decades ago, Planned Parenthood devised a novel way to try. In the fall of...
  • This Head-Turning Calvin Klein Campaign Turned the Head of the Feds
    Say what you want about his skills as a designer, Calvin Klein certainly earned his stripes as a marketer. This is the man who, by casting a salacious (and 15 year-old) Brooke Shields in a 1980 TV spot, sold 200,000 pairs of jeans the first week. In no time, America caught on: Klein's ads used...
  • Think Being a Priest is Tough? Try Advertising for the Job
    Though it's easy to assume the shortage of Catholic priests began with the church's abuse scandals, seminary enrollment has actually been falling for 50 years. Indeed, from the mid 1960s to mid 1980s, it dropped 75 percent. So what's a religion to do? Hire an ad agency, of course. In May of 1987, Detroit's Sacred...
  • AB InBev Follows the In-Housing Trend With Rollout of draftLine
    The world's largest brewer has gone all in on the in-house trend. AB InBev, the megalith behind Bud Light, Corona, Beck's, Stella Artois and many more, has built up its own in-house agency called draftLine, which the company says it developed to be closer to the creative process. Although draftLine is not a new operation,...
  • From Bowie to FKA Twigs, Apple Creates a Powerful Tribute to British Music
    For decades, the U.K. has had an undeniably outsized influence on music culture. The British Invasion conquered the world in the '60s. Punk exploded in the '70s. Britpop and house were staples of the '80s and '90s. And innovations in hip-hop and electronic music continue to show why the island is considered a historical leader...
  • The Inside Story of the Burger King Campaign That Changed the Brand’s Entire Outlook on Marketing
    In the past few years, Burger King built a reputation for itself. I believe our brand has mastered the art of using creativity to get people's attention and build brand love. McWhopper, Google Home of the Whopper and Burning Stores--among many others--were talked about everywhere, achieved billions of impressions, helped revamp the brand and were...
  • Will John Wick 3 Mark the Moment Movie Marketers Became Comfortable With Reddit?
    The choice of which off-domain social media profiles to link from a movie's official website offers a clear indication of where the studio marketer's priorities lie. Years ago, they added MySpace links. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the norm these days, with some occasionally adding Snapchat or WhatsApp buttons. The site for this week's John...
  • Former Chess Champion Garry Kasparov on Competing Against Artificial Intelligence
    Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov knows firsthand what it feels like to compete against artificial intelligence. In 1997, Kasparov played two rounds of chess against IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer-winning the first before famously losing the second--and has since then gone on to write a book about the future of AI and what it means...
  • Grey Launches Global Health and Wellness Practice Under New Leadership
    WPP's Grey sees a future in healthcare marketing that isn't specifically limited to clients, or agencies, focused on that sector. Last month, CEO Michael Houston announced the launch of a new Grey Health & Wellness practice designed to unify all of the network's related capabilities. Its ultimate goal, according to Houston's internal memo, is to...
  • This Agency Built Its Own Hologram Pitch Deck to Explain Artificial Intelligence
    Who needs a PowerPoint pitch deck when you can have a hologram? To help explain the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Austin-based agency Hypergiant decided to move away from slide shows and instead build its own briefcase equipped with holographic imagery. The device, called Project Holobook, reveals a series of holograms during a four-minute presentation. As...

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  • Jeanine Pirro soaks 'SNL' Weekend Update host Colin Jost over Trump comments
    Cecily Strong channeled Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update and soaked Colin Jost in the process. Strong had a hilarious, on-the-nose performance as Pirro making racist comments, raging about the "loony left," defending Donald Trump from all sides, and referring to Michael Che as "Kenan." One of the most fun […]
  • Paul Rudd and Beck Bennett make everyone break with their weird IT song
    People who work in IT are a popular target when it comes to making fun of people in the workplace, but Paul Rudd and Beck Bennett's IT characters on this cut Saturday Night Live sketch take it to a whole different level. During the office's retirement party for their boss David, the guys in IT […]
  • 12 interesting gadgets to spice up your self-love life
    May is National Masturbation Month, and we're celebrating with Feeling Yourself, a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure. Your sex life can always use a little spicing up, even if the only person involved is, well, you.  Yes, even masturbation is something that sometimes needs a little something extra so you don't grow so […]
  • Paul Rudd, a real pro, kept his cool on 'SNL' as Kate McKinnon mounted him
    Paul Rudd deserves a medal for not breaking during Kate McKinnon's performance in "A Journey Through Time" on Saturday Night Live. This reoccurring "post-anomaly government interview" sketch has historically been an invitation for McKinnon to deliver some of her raunchiest lines as the chain-smoking character Ms. Rafferty, who always seems to get the raw end […]
  • Leslie Jones brings a fiery 'Dracarys!' to ghoulish anti-abortion laws on 'SNL'
    Saturday Night Live is usually about the comedy and nothing else. But sometimes it has worthwhile things to say. Leslie Jones joined the Weekend Update crew during the show's Season 44 finale to share her thoughts on the multiple states that have moved to enact draconian anti-abortion laws. And guess what? It's not a joke […]
  • Pete Davidson's 'Game of Thrones' rap on 'SNL' falls apart in the best way
    Pete Davidson has carved out a comfortable niche on Saturday Night Live as a rap star with a love for weird tangents. Sketches from recent years really don't get much better than Tucci Gang. Until now? Davidson's new one starts off in a familiar enough place: Game of Thrones, his "favoritest show ever." But it's […]
  • Donald Trump's rocking Queen cover on 'SNL' almost makes you forget all the crimes
    Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" is a fun song. Even when the lyrics are re-worked to celebrate the many transgressions and seemingly provable outright crimes of the Donald Trump administration. Alec Baldwin brought his Trump schtick back to Saturday Night Live's cold open on May 18, the show's Season 44 finale. The rousing Oval Office […]
  • WD My Book, Instant Pot, Greenworks outdoor power equipment, and more for May 19
    Been taking too many picture's with mom on Mother's Day? Well, it's time to free up some space with this WD My Book 10TB external hard drive. Priced at $79.99 (listed at $299.99), saving you 73% off. With Memorial Day coming up, and Father's Day closely after, you don't want to miss out on special […]
  • Want to be a data scientist? This online bootcamp is on sale for $10.
    Nearly seven years after the Harvard Business Review first gave it the title, Data Scientist is still arguably the sexiest job out thereLinkedIn reports that demand for these highly skilled workers is ridiculously high, and according to the company review site Glassdoor — which recently named the position its Best Job in America for 2019 […]
  • 10 cool gadgets and everyday products on sale this weekend
    Four things are necessary for your survival on this here Earth: food, water, oxygen, and shelter. That's just Biology 101.  Now, your access to the following 10 items won't mean the difference between life and death. But they *can* mean the difference between, say, an organized wallet and a bulky pocket, or a delicious home-cooked […]

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  • Outdoor ad: Fondation Emergence: Brutal Postings
    Because we ignore online homophobia and transphobia online, we made it impossible to ignore. We selected, printed and displayed 74 hateful posts from the last 6 years on a wild postings palissade in Downtown Montreal. The posters were initially supposed to be on display for a few days but we got shut down by the […]
  • TV ad: KITKAT: The Decision
    The latest iteration in KITKAT's Snap Out Of It campaign, ‘Maps’, is set in the Wild West and reminds people that while modern life is full of frustrations like GPS dramas, forgetting your password or trying to decide what’s for dinner, usually the best thing to do is simply ‘Snap out of it’ and have […]
  • TV ad: Dr Giorgini: #Nowadays
    Deloitte Digital Italy have created this spot for Dr GiorginiCategory: Pharmaceutical & medicalClient: Dr GiorginiAgency: Deloitte Digital ItalyOther credits: Alessandro Gaudio – Deloitte Digital, Partner Emanuele Viora – Deloitte Digital, Executive Creative Director Andrea Jaccarino – Deloitte Digital, Executive Creative Director Fabrizio Marvulli – Deloitte Digital, Manager Vasco Bertoldi – Deloitte Digital, Creative Strategist Ziad […]
  • TV ad: KITKAT: Maps 15
    The latest iteration in KITKAT's Snap Out Of It campaign, ‘Maps’, is set in the Wild West and reminds people that while modern life is full of frustrations like GPS dramas, forgetting your password or trying to decide what’s for dinner, usually the best thing to do is simply ‘Snap out of it’ and have […]
  • TV ad: KITKAT: Safe House
    The latest iteration in KITKAT's Snap Out Of It campaign, 'Maps', is set in the Wild West and reminds people that while modern life is full of frustrations like GPS dramas, forgetting your password or trying to decide what's for dinner, usually the best thing to do is simply 'Snap out of it' and have […]
  • TV ad: PokerStars: Family Portrait
    Appealing to existing and new gamers alike, this humorous social and digital-first PokerStars campaign features a series of tricky scenarios which are expertly navigated with either a brilliant poker face or the perfect bluff. For agency RAPP, hitting the right balance between poker and everyday life was a priority and reinforced the need for the […]
  • TV ad: PokerStars: The Pie
    Appealing to existing and new gamers alike, this humorous social and digital-first PokerStars campaign features a series of tricky scenarios which are expertly navigated with either a brilliant poker face or the perfect bluff. For agency RAPP, hitting the right balance between poker and everyday life was a priority and reinforced the need for the […]
  • TV ad: PokerStars: The Bear
    Appealing to existing and new gamers alike, this humorous social and digital-first PokerStars campaign features a series of tricky scenarios which are expertly navigated with either a brilliant poker face or the perfect bluff. For agency RAPP, hitting the right balance between poker and everyday life was a priority and reinforced the need for the […]
  • TV ad: Subaru: Last Car in the Carpark - XV
    With SUVs gaining in popularity over recent years the market has being swamped with faux SUVs with the right looks, but little of the capability, and the term has started to lose meaning with dozens of cars now claiming SUV status. Subaru wanted to reassert their position as one of New Zealand’s most trusted Sports […]
  • TV ad: Subaru: Last Car in the Carpark - Outback
    With SUVs gaining in popularity over recent years the market has being swamped with faux SUVs with the right looks, but little of the capability, and the term has started to lose meaning with dozens of cars now claiming SUV status. Subaru wanted to reassert their position as one of New Zealand’s most trusted Sports […]

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  • All Vacations Aren’t Made Equal: 5 Reasons To Go Custom.
    At Wanapitei Canoe we specialize in running private, personalized custom trips or expeditions to a wide variety of locations. We’re happy to run a trip for you and a group of friends, family, business, school or organization. Every year we provide a half a dozen or more trips and programs for divers... The post All Vacations […]
  • Azores Outdoor Adventure Tour – Walk, Bike, Paddle
    9 unique lush green islands of volcanic origin, amazing wildlife, geological wonders and picturesque villages. How’s that sound? Our 9 day outdoor adventure tour in the Azores, Portugal, transports you to the immense beauty of the natural landscape. Active travelers interested in island cultur... The post Azores Outdoor Adventure Tour – Walk, Bike, Paddle appeared first on […]
  • Rackla River: Tour A Mysterious Yukon Gem
    Having nearly 40 years guiding experience, we’ve been so fortunate to have shared some of the world’s mostly unexplored waterways with our clients. But few can rival the true hidden gem that is the Yukon’s Rackla River. From August 1st – 13th 2016, we’ll be charting thi... The post Rackla River: Tour A Mysterious Yukon Gem appeared […]
  • Quick Canoe Trip Packing Guide.
    Whatever sort of canoe trip you’re into –  a challenging white water experience or a more laid back & scenic tour, your time spent can be made much easier or much harder depending on the type & amount of gear you bring along for the ride. Canoe trip beginners will be tempted to b... The post Quick Canoe […]
  • WIN A Dumoine River Canoe Trip!
    Things are heating up here at Wanapitei Canoe! With the Spring thaw underway, our tours are booking up fast, and we don’t want you missing out on the action. That’s why we’re launching (enter drum roll here) “WIN A Dumoine River Canoe Trip!”. Entering is super easy – starting today April 19th ... The post […]
  • George’s Joy
    I was fortunate as a child to spend each and every summer at our family cottage just a few hours north of Toronto.  My grandparents cleared the land and built it by hand over 50 years ago.  We’ve spent countless birthdays, Easters, even weddings (my own included) at the cottage. Although I was... The post […]
  • 5 Game Changing Apps Every Traveller Needs in 2016
    Chances are your smartphone houses a good number of apps. Some you use almost everyday, others you downloaded for the kids or just because they looked fun, track spending, or tell you when you’ve consumed too many calories. But most likely, many of these have lost their lustre and are causing ... The post 5 […]

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  • Apple Underdogs at work on Pizza Box
    Apple has released a 3 minute commercial, “The Underdogs”, featuring a team of four creatives who take on the challenge of pitching a design for a round pizza box. The drama hinges on a work car park accident and leads to two days of intense brainstorming, analysis and collaboration. The final scene has the wonder […]
  • Sea Shepherd raise plastic awareness
    Sea Shepherd, a global NGO focused on conservation of marine wildlife, is using depictions of tortured animals to raise awareness of the impact of plastic debris. A simple plastic bag seems harmless, but it can represent extreme suffering – and even death – for thousands of animals in the oceans. Two key images show a […]
  • Visual support for grieving New Zealanders
    Today, honouring those affected by the shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, we feature two NZ works of art that express the concern and support being shown across the world. Invercargill cartoonist Shaun Yeo has picked up international coverage for his cartoon of a weeping kiwi, in response to the horrific shootings of worshippers in two […]
  • New stereotypes available at Shutterstock Offset
    Shutterstock is encouraging photographers to contribute photographs that defy traditional stereotypes, particularly in the high-end stock photography site Shutterstock Offset. The company is promoting the new diversity offerings with a print advertising campaign featuring photographs that challenge expectations around parenting, domestic duty, sexuality and athleticism. As the Buenos Aires agency Mercado McCann explains, “All stereotypes […]
  • Westpac help during separation and divorce
    Westpac, a major banking organisation in Australia, is running an advertising campaign focused on support provided for Australians going through separation and divorce. Continuing the bank’s theme of help in in pivotal life moments, the campaign centres on a young boy, his mum and his dad, as they adjust to life living in two places. […]
  • McDelivery for Rainy Days
    McDonalds in France is promoting McDelivery, a service introduced in 2017, with a print advertising campaign featuring impressionist photographs of Paris in the rain. Four photographs by Roberto Badin provide the sense of looking out a window at four Parisian streetscapes. This series of visuals depicts buildings and stormy skies seen through windows soaked in the […]
  • Unstoppable Résumé
    Cancer@Work, a French association, has launched Unstoppable Résumé, an interactive site designed to help cancer patients find their place in the professional world. In 2018 Cancer@Work ran a campaign launching “Fighting Cancer” as a Linkedin skill. Now former patients can create their specially designed Linkedin profile online at Many recruiting companies are using ATS […]
  • Dermodex Unphotographed Album for Late Adopters
    Reckitt Benckiser nappy rash brand Dermodex has launched the Unphotographed Album (O Álbum Nunca Fotografado), in association with Brazilian National Adoption Day (May 25). Late adoption in Brazil is still rare in Brazil, often associated with various myths and prejudices. Today, 92% of children who are waiting for adoption are over 7 years old. However, […]
  • World Cup History Will Be Made with BBC Tapestry
    The BBC is running “History Will Be made”, a marketing campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia. Every World Cup has a host of iconic moments and everyone has their own individual favourite that immediately takes you back to that time and place. The campaign trailer, “The Tapestry”, takes a […]
  • It’s a Tide Ad
    David Harbour, known for his role as Chief Jim Hopper in the Netflix drama series Stranger Things, provides cameo after cameo in Procter & Gamble Super Bowl commercial “It’s A Tide Ad”. Aired during the NFL Super Bowl LII 2018, the Tide Ad series has David Harbour claiming that every time you see clean clothes […]

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  • Googly-eyed robots, aisle 9
    The owner of Giant grocery stores is teaming up with a company called Badger Technologies to launch robots in 172 of its mid-Atlantic stores.At 6'3", it's a rather tall robot, unlike small roombas that scoot around partially undetected. It's end result helps consumers in some way, by making sure products are stocked on shelves and […]
  • Arby's-themed subscription boxes
    Awareness is often a key, and important, marketing objective for brands to get consumers started on the path to purchase. However, sometimes not enough effort is placed on, or invested in, their true brand loyalists.Take Arby's, who created a 6-month monthly subscription box, that doesn't contain food, but rather sandwich and Arby's themed merchandise for […]
  • Emotional support (fried) chicken
    Emotional support animals run the gammet these days, and more and more people are trying to bring them on planes, from peacocks to fish.Fast food chain Popeyes created a limited edition carrier, served at the Philadelphia airport, for passengers to take on board as their "emotional support chicken." It's a TSA-approved way for consumers to […]
  • Hoo-whaaat?!? Lil Jon + Kool-Aid collab
    It seems that every year, more and more artists release their own covers and versions of holiday songs. Probably for good reason - consumers love revamps of the classics and new hits to keep their holiday playlists fresh.So why shouldn't brands get in on this holiday trend? Enter Kool-Aid and Lil Jon, who just released […]
  • Dove Men+Care is bringing Dads+Kids together
    Whether we realize it or not, haircuts are a big part of the holiday season for many. Whether it's for holiday parties or family, it's nice to take a moment for yourself and freshen up your look.Dove Men+Care is building on that and transforming it into a way for Dads and their kids to spend […]
  • Look out Super Bowl, Bud Light's coming to town
    The Super Bowl isn't just about the football - it's also about the ads, and of course the halftime show. Bud Light is creating its own brand experience centered around music and hosting an entire music fest the weekend leading up to the big game in Atlanta, where its being hosted. And they are getting […]
  • Discover unknown places first, with Lufthansa
    Travel companies have used unique ways in the past to encourage consumers to travel (and hopefully use their services to do so). Lufthansa create an experiential photography exhibit to show people photographs of truly unique places they've never seen before - but then revealed the reason why that is, is because they don't actually exist. […]
  • Brrrrrr-inging trial to outerwear
    Luxury outerwear brand Canada Goose has really grown in popularity, and if you've been intrigued by how warm the coats look and googled it or asked someone who owns one, you know they cost more than your average Patagonia or North Face down coat (sometimes 3x+ as much).The company knows they need to put their […]
  • Digitally connected cafes offer virtual meals
    Let's throw another shrimp on the bah-bee, and pour another pint o'Guiness for a meal with loved ones overseas!Terrible cliches aside, Samsung is creating pop-up restaurants that allow people in Dublin to virtually enjoy a meal with an expat loved one in Sydney, Australia, based on the high volume of Irish citizens that move to […]
  • Sausage-scented wrapping paper, by Jimmy Dean
    Aaaaahhh...there's nothing quite like the smell of savory sausage on Christmas morning, emanating from your....wrapping paper. Yes, wrapping paper - not your kitchen.For sausage enthusiasts, Jimmy Dean is giving away free branded items in exchange for pictures of consumers' favorite recipes and dishes featuring JD's sausage. Other items include a glass sausage ornament, an apron […]

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  • Lawn Doctor: Better Yards
    ldr-creative-attractiveyard_r.jpg   actualsize_r.jpg  
  • Dorflex: #CarnavalEmSalva
    Salvador Carnival is world-famous for its grandiosity and intense shows. But spending a couple days jumping around in so many parties always comes with a price: muscular pains. Or like we say in Portuguese: "dor". As the number 1 pain reliever in Brazil, Dorflex decided to make an ever better Carnival this year by taking […]
  • YellaWood: For five-star backyards
    Video of The Woodland's Most Wanted - The Lumberyard Video of The Woodland's Most Wanted - Control Room Video of The Woodland's Most Wanted - The Heist brylwoohhangdownafteraotw_r_0.jpg  
  • Kohler: Mirror, mirror
    Video of KOHLER Verdera Voice Smart Mirror – “Mirror, Mirror” :30 kohler_mirror_spread2_r.jpg  
  • Outfront Studios: Kruter Motors Concept Car
    In an effort to shift perceptions in the auto industry and reach their media planners and execs, on April Fool's Day OUTFRONT created a concept car and posted 5 digital billboard designs in the heart of the automotive world, Detroit, Michigan. We brought a single red auto model to Detroit. The Kruter car existed only […]
  • Dunkelziffer e.V.: Provide Protection
    Dunkelziffer e.V. was founded in Hamburg in 1993. Dunkelziffer e.V. is an NGO to protect children from sexual abuse. dunkelziffer1_stellarutheshannonvictoriareeve_r.jpg   dunkelziffer2_stellarutheshannonvictoriareeve_r.jpg   dunkelziffer3_stellarutheshannonvictoriareeve_r.jpg  
  • Barbasol: Tough Love
    Sometimes men can't tell the difference between good and bad facial hair. Barbasol is the shaving cream brand that knows facial hair best (and knows when to get rid of it.) By positioning the brand as a friend who's not afraid to give a little tough love, Barbasol is able to tell men what their […]
  • Jorge M. Rodrigo Ad Studio: Better Places
    A representation of how great ideas can illuminate any place. Video of Places
  • Volkswagen: Sleepless
    The VW Driver Alert System detects if you are starting to fall asleep and alerts you with a visual display on the dashboard and a warning sound. We usually find it difficult to fall asleep when we are worried about something. The Driver Alert System makes it just as difficult to fall asleep during long […]
  • Let's Eat: Free refill
    Digital ad to promote the free refill at the restaurant. let_17092018_r.jpg  
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