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  • Your McDonald’s Rebrand Is Here
    Back in July, we shared news on McDonald’s upcoming attempt to improve its financial standing via that old canard, “storytelling in advertising.” August brought word that Leo Burnett would be tasked with handling the reinvention, and today The Wall Street Journal elaborated a bit on the details. The brand’s sort-of-new tagline will be: “Lovin’ Beats Hatin’” […]
  • Wednesday Odds and Ends
    -DDB Canada collaborated with street artists to promote the Vancouver Opera’s new bullying-themed production, Stickboy (video above). -GIFs change depending on environment and context in this Netflix outdoor campaign from Ogilvy, Paris. -Jam announced the appointment of Sean Chambers as executive creative director. -Digital voter education tool SeePolitical […]
  • PKT Tests ‘The Effects of Halloween Candy’ on Kids for Crest
    Publicis Kaplan Thaler has released a new campaign for Crest testing “The Effects of Halloween Candy” on children. The test is performed by a deadpan moderator who basically lets a group of children in Halloween costumes (the highlight being the little girl dressed as a piñata) binge on candy and records the results. And the results are? “It seems when prese […]
  • What the Hell Is ‘Contentvertising’? Check Out This Content Marketing Dictionary
    If you’ve attended a content marketing conference this fall, you might have felt like you’d entered a foreign country with its own, strange language—”amplify” and “engage” the common greeting; “KPI” the local currency. Indeed, whenever a trend overtakes an industry the way content has overtaken marketing, it inevitably ushers in a whole new lingo. This Conte […]
  • Translation Presents ‘LeBron James’ First Home Game’ for Sprite
    Translation recently debuted a new spot for Sprite documenting LeBron James return to his home town of Akron, Ohio. Entitled “LeBron James’ First Home Game” the spot follows James as a driver takes him through Akron and to Patterson Park, where Sprite has restored two basketball courts. This footage is interpersed with Akron residents discussing how epic Jam […]
  • We Hear: 7-Eleven Looking for a Change
    7-Eleven, the chain beloved of Middle Americans everywhere, signed with Dallas-based TracyLocke back in 2002. Since then, the brand has gotten ambitious: first their outlets started replacing all the Brooklyn delis where we buy our horny goat weed, then they decided to start sponsoring startups. Now we hear that they might be looking for a new ad agency as w […]
  • Superior Created The Most F***ed Up Halloween Ad of the Year for Vytautas
    Halloween tends to lend agencies a certain leniency with how over-the-top, ridiculous and gory they can make their ads. Even so, Superior’s new ad for Lithuanian mineral water brand Vytautas stretches the limits of appropriateness for even this holiday, and is easily the most fucked up Halloween ad you’ll see this year. Superior teamed up with director Tadas […]
  • Blind Items: Clogged Toilets and Intimate Relations
    Hello and happy hump day, readers. Now is the time when we dig back through our tips archive to find the claims that no one in their right mind would ever confirm. First: according to another one of those repeat tipsters, a certain New York-based agency’s offices had a bathroom problem earlier this month: “…the stalls are overflowing with poop.” If this supe […]
  • RPA Ushers in New Era for Los Angeles Clippers
    In early September, the Los Angeles Clippers named Santa-Monica based RPA as its lead creative agency following a review launched in August. Now, at the start of the NBA season RPA has debuted a new campaign for the team entitled “Be Relentless.” “Be Relentless” alludes to the off-the-court troubles faced by the Clippers in the form of Donald Sterling‘s raci […]
  • Rob Bliss Creative Takes on Street Harassment for Hollaback
    To show the everyday street harassment faced by women Rob Bliss Creative documented one woman’s ten hour walk through New York City for Hollaback, a nonprofit which aims to end street harassment. The woman, Shoshana B. Roberts, (a volunteer) walked behind Rob Bliss, who carried a hidden GoPro camera in his backpack, which captured over 100 instances of catca […]


  • Political Partisans Agree on One Thing: They Like Amazon
    Democrats and Republicans might not agree on much, especially in a particularly bitter midterm election cycle. But a 2014 YouGov BrandIndex ranking of favorite brands finds some agreement among political partisans. Amazon, for one, comes in No. 1 among Democrats and Independents and No. 2 among Republicans.Craftsman, Johnson & Johnson, Clorox and Dawn we […]
  • Facebook Is for Republicans; Twitter Is for Democrats
    ShareThis" image="http://%%img_server%%/images/bin/image/x-large/ShareThis_SocialSharing_Politics.JPG" url="" />If you're looking to find (or avoid) Republican messages in social media, Facebook may be your best bet. For Democratic messaging, head over to Twitter or Reddit.That's the finding of ShareThis, a California co […]
  • How Lincoln Is Launching in China (Spoiler: No Sign of Matthew McConaughey)
    In the U.S., everybody's talking about those much-parodied commercials for Lincoln starring Matthew McConaughey, his Texan drawl and his deep thoughts. ("Sometimes ya gotta go back to actually move forward.")Across the globe in China, the brand is channeling a different vibe for its entry into a market where Lincoln still has to introduce itse […]
  • Sofia Coppola Directs Gap's Holiday Ads From Wieden & Kennedy
    Academy Award-winning director Sofia Coppola -- known for films including "Lost in Translation," "Marie Antoinette" and "The Virgin Suicides" -- is the second top director to collaborate with Gap and Wieden & Kennedy. In August, Gap tapped director David Fincher to work with the retailer's new global agency Wieden & […]
  • Your Company's Reputation Is Better in Undeveloped Nations
    Reputations of corporations in the developed world are subpar at best, thanks to a "stark contrast" between what the street and general public expect, said Richard Posto, director-global public affairs at Telefonica during the Holmes Report's Global PR Summit in Miami.Mr. Posto provided this point of view during a panel conversation around Bur […]
  • Kraft Says It Rejects 75% to 85% of Digital Ad Impressions Due to Quality Concerns
    Continue reading at […]
  • Facebook's Top Data Lieutenants On Keeping Its Goldmine Secure
    "We have a lot of data," said Tim Campos, Facebook's chief information officer. It was an understatement; Facebook has unprecedented scores of it.Mr. Campos and Joe Sullivan, the company's chief security officer, discussed how the company balances leveraging this data for advertising and keeping it secure at Ad Age's Data Conference […]
  • Carl's Jr. + 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' = Eww (Watch the Newest Ads on TV)
    Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, a company that catalogs, tags and measures activity around TV ads in real time. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are showing sustained social heat, ranked by SpotShare scores reflecting the percent of […]
  • Worried About Apple Pay? There Are Other Data Options for Retailers
    One of the serious obstacles to Apple Pay may not be consumers, but reluctant retailers. Some retailers are hesitant to get on board with the system because they're wary of one company being the keeper of all their data, panelists told the second day of the Ad Age Data Conference on Wednesday. Especially if that company has previously indicated it was u […]
  • Aereo Sees a Potential Path Forward in FCC's Online Proposal
    Online video providers such as Aereo would be able to distribute TV programs like cable services, helping consumers circumvent large packages of channels, under a Federal Communications Commission proposal.If approved, the proposal would let internet-video services negotiate for the right to distribute cable programs and local television. Aereo Chief Executi […]

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  • Ad of the Day: Sofia Coppola Directs 4 Oddly Charming Holiday Ads for Gap
    Gap's new tagline, introduced a few months back, is "Dress normal." But the retailer knows your family is anything but—particularly at the holidays. Having launched the new positioning with David Fincher this fall, Gap moves on to another Hollywood director—Sofia Coppola—for a stylish and quirky holiday campaign from Wieden + Kennedy in New Yo […]
  • Instagram's Video Ads Are Live With Big Brands on Board
    After six months of testing, Instagram's video ads are officially here. Representing the Facebook-owned platform's next big step in generating revenue, it launched 15-second autoplay spots from Disney, Activision, Lancome, Banana Republic and CW during the wee hours of Thursday morning. For instance, Disney is promoting its film, Big Hero 6, with a […]
  • Brand of the Day: Dunkin' Donuts Is Making a Croissant Donut, but Don't Call It a Cronut
    Next Monday, Dunkin' Donuts will roll out a croissant-donut hybrid across the U.S. But if you think the chain is copying the now-famous cronut from New York-based bakery Dominque Ansel, think again.  "Are we copying a specific bakery in New York? The answer is no," John Costello, president of global marketing and innovation for the company, to […]
  • The 3 Reasons Why Infiniti Picked Crispin
    Crispin Porter + Bogusky's culture, experience and energy distinguished the agency in Infiniti's just-completed global creative review, which culminated with the hiring of Crispin as the brand's new lead global agency. In particular, Infiniti vp of global marketing Vincent Gillet marveled at the "maker culture" at Crispin's larg […]
  • Lysol Buys Ad Around Google Searches for 'Ebola'
    Lysol capitalized on the recent Ebola scare by purchasing a sponsored placement on Google searches for "Ebola," Motherboard reported.  The publication noted Tuesday that Lysol's paid ad appeared at the top of the search page with this copy: "What Is Ebola - Learn the Facts About Ebola Virus From Lysol. Find More Info Now." […]
  • Want to Know What's in Your Food? Check This Massive New Grocery Database
    A Washington, D.C. nonprofit is making it easy for consumers to look up their favorite grocery item and immediately see a health score, tipping them off to concerns about nutrition, ingredients and processing. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has launched "Food Scores: Rate Your Plate," a website and database of over 80,000 products that is ge […]
  • Google Developing Pill That Searches for Cancer and Heart Disease
    Google may be best known for its search engine, but it also employs a quiet "X" team dedicated to making revolutionary discoveries. And its latest project, if successful, would make it easier to spot killer medical conditions such as cancer and heart disease using microscopic nanoparticles, the BBC reported.  About 2,000 nanoparticles can fit insid […]
  • Which Fears Hold Back Your Agency, Brand or Career? Exorcise Your Demons at Today's #AdweekChat
    With Halloween nearly upon us, it's time to confront our fears. But since this is #AdweekChat, we're going to set aside our nightmares of ax-wielding murderers in favor of more topical terrors: weak-willed clients, crappy supervisors and tense salary negotiations. So join us as we discuss the dreadful horrors haunting your marketing life at today […]
  • Ad of the Day: Crest Gets Kids All Jacked Up on Candy in Cute and Crazy Halloween Ad
    We're approaching the holiday where little kids dressed as Marvel superheroes and the cast of Frozen will descend upon neighborhoods across the U.S., amped up on sugar, requiring that adults fork over "good candy" (read: any candy bar found in a checkout line) lest they be deemed cheap for buying "bad candy" (DumDums? What is this, t […]
  • Once and for All: Is It Duck Tape or Duct Tape?
    If you happen to be working on a Halloween costume this week, remember two things: Nothing beats duck tape when you need to fashion a quick coffin or a knight’s shield, and if you do a really good job of it, you can enter the annual Stick or Treat contest (first prize: a thousand bucks), which crowns the most innovative use of duck tape. Wait—or is it duct t […]

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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I’m proud to be gay'
    Apple CEO Tim Cook has, for the first time, written publicly about his sexual orientation in an essay published in Businessweek Thursday "I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me," Cook writes Cook says in the essay that for years he has been open with many people about his sexual orientation. "Pl […]
  • Man walking in NYC is 'harassed' in a very different way
    You've probably seen the recently published video of a woman who walked around the streets of New York for 10 hours and recorded several incidents in which she was harassed. But what happens when a white man walking the streets of that same city? Turns out, he also gets called out a lot, but the "harassment" he receives is of a completely diff […]
  • Suspected drunk pilot escorted off plane moments before flight
    LONDON — A Flybe pilot was escorted from the cockpit of a plane and arrested on suspicion of being over the drink-drive limit on Wednesday. The plane, headed for London's Gatwick airport, was moments from taking off from Newquay in South West England. See also: Hoax radio message sparks search for fake missing plane The pilot was removed from the aircra […]
  • Students in Turkey brawl over war in Syria
    ISTANBUL, Turkey—Istanbul University is more than 700 miles away from the Syrian front lines. But these days tensions from the bloody civil war can be felt on the leafy campus. See also: The Women Fighters Taking on ISIS There, Islamists and leftwing students have battled across well-manicured gardens and commons, indicating how the war in Syria has reawaken […]
  • College students trust Snapchat despite hack, study says
    Snapchat may have security vulnerabilities but that's not deterring one of the app's biggest demographics: college students. A new study found that most students still trust the service and haven't changed their use of the app since the hack, that resulted in nearly 100,000 private user photos and videos being published online. See also: Ghost […]
  • 4 questions to ask before hiring your first employee
    The decision to hire an employee is tough for many entrepreneurs, particularly freelancers and founders committed to bootstrapping their business to profitability. There’s no doubt that working as a lone wolf has some advantages. You can set your own schedule, without worrying about how to keep someone else busy. But there’s only so far you can go as a one-m […]
  • Moby mourns the loss of the 'old' New York
    Richard Melville Hall, more commonly known as Moby, has a lot of musical accomplishments under his belt. He's one of only a handful credited with popularizing electro in the 1990s, he's sung with Bowie, he's made a James Bond theme song — the list goes on. Now, with more than 20 million albums sold worldwide (including a live release that drop […]
  • Wearables, including Google Glass, must be put away in cinemas
    Bad news for those of you who’ve decided to sport your Google Glass everywhere you go. The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners have updated their anti-piracy policy. It reads, in part, “Other recording devices, including wearable devices, must be turned off and put away at show time.” See also: Google Glass No […]
  • 5 DIY and safe hangover cures to try this weekend
    You can run, but you can't hide from a hangover. Damn if we haven't tried Everyone has a remedy they swear works for them, from chewing garlic, to rubbing a lemon on your armpit, to drinking more (a.k.a. the hair of the dog) Though there's no cure-all medicine yet for hangovers, there are plenty of ways you can assuage the booze-infused assaul […]
  • What you need to know about the government getting your metadata
    SYDNEY — Since the terror alert was raised to high in September, the Australian Government has been very busy. Tony Abbott’s government has pushed through a number of changes that affect your privacy and life online. First the government changed the law to allow Australian spies monitor the entire internet, they then introduced legislation which allows the g […]

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  • Interactive ad: Sugru: The Joy Of Fix
    Fixing and making feels good. Inspired by the life-changing sex manual of the 1970s, we want to help millions more people experience the true joy that comes from a fulfilling fix life. Have you felt the Joy yet? See: OtherClient: SugruAgency: -
  • Outdoor ad: Hollaback!: 10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Woman
    Director Rob Bliss has launched this ambient ad for Hollaback! which features some of the 100+ instances of verbal street harassment took place within 10 hours, involving people of all backgrounds. This doesn't include the countless winks and whistles.Category: Public interestClient: Hollaback!Agency: -Producer: Rob BlissDirector: Rob Bliss
  • TV ad: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Youth
    You didn't buy the gun. You didn't pull the trigger. But if you've voted for politicians that refuse to support rational gun laws, you've helped to facilitate school shootings in America.Agency; Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness USACategory: Public interestClient: PSAAgency: Saatchi & Saatchi WellnessDirector: Mark Pellington
  • Print ad: Toshiba Airconditioning: Toshiba Uncool
    Toshiba air-conditioning goes outdoors with the collaborative agency AustraliaCategory: Household, garden & petsClient: ToshibaAgency: the collaborative agencyArt Director: Malcolm GrayCopywriter: Bill HayesStrategist: David GaffPhotographer: Hugh PeacheyRetoucher: Steven Simmonds
  • Outdoor ad: Borjomi Georgian Water: Piano Machine
    Generous piano that treats people with fizzy water appeared in Ukraine. In the midst of the most strained year in the history of independent Ukraine, after months of unrest, uncertainty and tension caused by political and economic vulnerability, Ukrainians needed more than ever bright emotions. To support the citizens and make their mornings brighter during […]
  • Print ad: 13ème Rue: The Movie
    13eme Rue, the French channel specialized in crime entertainment, is reaffirming its position as an expert in the genre with a new brand print campaign created by BETC. The visuals perfectly illustrate the channel's promise, that you will be more than a passive witness. With 13eme Rue you will experience each criminal investigation on the inside, via a […]
  • Print ad: 13ème Rue: The Season
    13eme Rue, the French channel specialized in crime entertainment, is reaffirming its position as an expert in the genre with a new brand print campaign created by BETC. The visuals perfectly illustrate the channel's promise, that you will be more than a passive witness. With 13eme Rue you will experience each criminal investigation on the inside, via a […]
  • Print ad: 13ème Rue: The Episode
    13eme Rue, the French channel specialized in crime entertainment, is reaffirming its position as an expert in the genre with a new brand print campaign created by BETC. The visuals perfectly illustrate the channel's promise, that you will be more than a passive witness. With 13eme Rue you will experience each criminal investigation on the inside, via a […]
  • Print ad: Scotch Magic Tape: Scotch Magic Tape
    The Invisible Tape by Scotch is the tape that makes tears on paper magically disappear. The task was to demonstrate the advantages of the product in the unique way and make packaging and POS materials visually stand out among similar competitor products. To make Invisible Tape a fascinating experience even before the actual usage Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg develop […]
  • TV ad: H&M: Alexander Wang
    H&M Redroom has released this spot for Alexander Wang's latest Collection.Category: Clothing & footwearClient: H&MAgency: H&M RedroomCreative Director: Donald SchneiderProducer: Anna GranditskyDirector: Luke WhiteDirector: Remi Weekes

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  • The Surprising Spooky Secret to Enduring Success Habits
    Are you addicted to productivity advice? I was, for a long time. I bought every system, book, and blueprint out there. I had a very spiffy David Allen-inspired GTD process that was only 642 steps long and took a mere 3 hours a day to implement (during which time I wasn’t actually, you know, getting [ Continue Reading... ] The post The Surprising Spooky Secre […]
  • The 5-Step Process for Writing an About Page that Connects (and Converts)
    Although it seems like a natural place on your website to talk about yourself, a strong About page is really about empathy for your visitors. When you write an effective About page, you dig into your readers’ minds and then communicate that you have what they need or want. And you can’t afford to follow [ Continue Reading... ] The post The 5-Step Process for […]
  • The Amazingly Simple Anatomy of a Meaningful Marketing Story [Infographic]
    Think about it. Apple. Dos Equis. Old Spice. Procter & Gamble. Ram Trucks. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. GEICO. GoDaddy. At some point, all these companies told compelling stories that grabbed our attention — and held it. Not just for thirty seconds, but longer. And as they repeated their stories over and over again, they got under our skin. Through simple sto […]
  • Focus on These 4 Steps to Harness the Addictive Power of Email (And Turn Your Traffic Into Business)
    Are you working your butt off to run your business? But feeling you’re not making enough progress? You’re building a social following, slaving over weekly blog posts, and managing a heavy client load. Perhaps you’d also love to develop digital products or write a book. But it’s difficult to find the time when you juggle [ Continue Reading... ] The post Focus […]
  • The Ultimate Copy Checklist: 51 Questions to Optimize Every Element of Your Online Copy [Free Poster]
    So, you’ve written a piece of sales copy. Congratulations — that’s no small feat. But, before you celebrate, there’s just one issue: Now what? After all, as I’m sure you’ve heard before: “There is no such thing as great writing. Only great rewriting.” And why is “great rewriting” important? One reason: the bottom line. Will [ Continue Reading... ] The post T […]
  • How Empathy Maps Help You Speak Directly to the Hearts of Your Audience
    As we enter the conclusion of our three-part series on content strategy, you should already know what your audience believes about the world and have a narrative mapped out that will allow you to confirm your audience’s worldviews. Now it’s time to explain the final piece of the content strategy puzzle. This piece creates an [ Continue Reading... ] The post […]
  • Guest Posting Best Practices From Copyblogger’s Guest Post Gatekeeper
    Many years ago, when I began developing my personal guest posting strategy, Copyblogger sat atop my “Where I Want to Guest Post” list. Five years later, I achieved my goal. So, how did I spend the time between making my list and May 23, 2013 when my first blog post appeared on Copyblogger? Rigorously practicing [ Continue Reading... ] The post Guest Posting […]
  • Why Copyblogger Is Killing Its Facebook Page
    Have you ever stared at something, knowing you’re doing everything right, but it still won’t … freaking … work? That’s how Copyblogger has felt about its Facebook page for quite some time. As of today, the page has 38,000 “fans,” but Copyblogger’s presence on Facebook has not been beneficial for the brand or its audience. [ Continue Reading... ] The post Why […]
  • 5 Ways to Prevent Business Burnout When Your Inspiration Starts to Flicker
    In a space as fast-paced as the Internet, you know there are many tasks you “should” perform to reach more people with your story. You’re well-aware of other businesses with meteoric rises to fame and companies thrown into the spotlight seemingly overnight. In order to seize opportunities, you know you have to stay ahead of [ Continue Reading... ] The post 5 […]
  • Want to Hook Your Readers? Apply These 10 Principles to Create Captivating News Stories
    Writing well-structured articles that inform, educate, and entertain is not as easy as it looks. There are billions of webpages out there that contain poorly written, unimaginative, boring content. But those aren’t the descriptions you want associated with the media you produce, right? As all content marketers who want to grow their digital media platforms [ […]

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  • Grocery Chain Sues Clorox For Refusing To Sell Bulk-Pack Products
    Woodman’s Food Market, a Wisconsin-based supermarket chain, is going up against one the nation’s largest producers of household products, accusing Clorox of promoting anticompetitive practices and violating federal law by no longer allowing Woodman’s to sell bulk-packs of Clorox products to consumers. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Woodman’s filed […]
  • Do You Really Need A Fridge With A Water And Ice Dispenser?
    Water and ice dispensers are a common addition to refrigerators, but are they a useful one? They can be. They offer fresh, on-demand water and ice, usually freshly filtered. The convenience might encourage you to drink more ice water. However, they also take up space and cause problems. Our pitcher-filling cousins down the hall at Consumer Reports test a lot […]
  • Lysol Buys Google Search Ads To Take Advantage Of Ebola Panic
    A few weeks ago, we shared the not-at-all-surprising news that Americans are buying more cleaning supplies, especially disinfectants, than we normally do at this time of year. We can partly credit the Ebola virus. While cleanliness is rarely a bad thing and Ebola is a terrifying disease, we do have to give some side-eye to Lysol for buying ads … [More]
  • Chrysler Recalls 566,000 Trucks And SUVs For Fuel Leaks, Stability Control Issues
    The recalls continue to roll in for national car manufacturers. This time Chrysler has issued two recalls affecting more than 566,000 trucks and SUVs for issues related to fuel leaks and electronic stability control disablement. Chrysler announced Wednesday the recall of 314,704 model year 2010 to 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks and Ram 4500 and 5500 cha […]
  • MPAA, Theater Owners Adopt Zero-Tolerance Policy Toward Google Glass
    In “who hates Google Glass owners today?” news, the Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners have updated their joint anti-piracy policy to add wearable electronics devices — but really just Google Glass — to the list of verboten items to operate while enjoying that movie you should have just waited to watch on you […]
  • Lawsuit Seeks $50K For Woman Claiming She Was Burned By Flying Hot Coals At A Hookah Lounge
    A woman is suing a Philadelphia hookah lounge for $50,000 claiming she was burned by hot coals after some raucous fellow patrons dancing around a stripper pole sent hot coals flying onto her chest. She says in the lawsuit that she and a friend were sitting in a booth in the lounge when a reveler dancing nearby knocked into their … [More]
  • Here Is The Lab Where People Smash Gorilla Glass On Purpose
    There’s a secret lab at Corning, the glass company, where technicians sit around and torture innocent pieces of glass. They’re not evil glass-haters: they’re testing new formulations of Gorilla Glass, the tough material that most smartphone screens and tablets are made of. Can they make Gorilla Glass tougher and in more shapes in order to replace its possibl […]
  • Dressing Your Baby In A Marijuana Leaf Costume: Totally Chill Or Completely Inappropriate?
    On the one hand, marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use in some states in our fair country, and the plant’s leaf is just another green thing that grows in the ground. But on the other hand, babies and marijuana. In a move that surprises no one, in-the-news costume purveyor (See: Sexy/Regular Ebola Containment Suit) … [More]
  • Student Loan Servicers Tricked Borrowers Into Paying More, Made Illegal Collection Calls
    As if student loan borrowers needed more bad news, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a report this week detailing how some student loan servicers have tricked consumers into paying higher fees and misrepresented balances due. The CFPB Supervision report [PDF] examined the practices of the companies hired by financial institutions and put in c […]
  • Why AT&T Is Being Sued Over Data Throttling But Verizon Isn’t (Yet)
    The glory days of unlimited mobile data plans are long behind us. For years, even the owners of “unlimited” plans have been subject to mysterious and inconsistent limits from their mobile providers. Yesterday, the poorly communicated limits of unlimited data became the core issue of a large lawsuit the FTC filed against AT&T. It’s the first time the agen […]

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  • Ford Explorer "Innovative" (2014) :43 (Israel)
    Ford Explorer is so innovative even their ads are innovative. This case study shows how BBR Saatchi & Saatchi made some innovative print ads with the help of some QR codes. Country:  Israel Commercials:  Automotive Read more about Ford Explorer "Innovative" (2014) :43 (Israel) Add new comment […]
  • Sixt "The Bear" (2014) :30 (France)
    Renting a car from Sixt? It's going to feel so good that a bear might lick honey off your face suggestively and then give you a -- wait for it-- bear hug. Country:  France Commercials:  Automotive Read more about Sixt "The Bear" (2014) :30 (France) Add new comment […]
  • Sixt "Karate" (2014) :30 (France)
    Renting a car from Sixt feels so good, you'll temporarily forget about your nasty-ass boss yelling through the phone at you, because a little person will symbolically karate chop your phone. Country:  France Commercials:  Automotive Read more about Sixt "Karate" (2014) :30 (France) Add new comment […]
  • Sixt "The Carrot" (2014) :30 (France)
    It feels good to rent a car from Sixt. How good? Good like dancing carrot, good. Country:  France Commercials:  Automotive Read more about Sixt "The Carrot" (2014) :30 (France) Add new comment […]
  • Hey, Jersey: PartyPoker wants you to start playing.
    PartyPoker has an app that you can download to play online poker and casino games on the go. Tribal NY created these out of home ads to promote the app in New Jersey, where online gambling recently became legal. Country:  United States Commercials:  Entertainment Ad type:  Ambient & Guerrilla Read more about Hey, Jersey: PartyPoker wants you to start pla […]
  • Vancouver Opera"Monster Murals Project" (2014) 2:38 (Canada)
    The Vancouver Opera and DDB Canada collaborated with some street artists to create an opera that is relevant to today. Country:  Canada Commercials:  Entertainment Read more about Vancouver Opera"Monster Murals Project" (2014) 2:38 (Canada) Add new comment […]
  • Vancouver Opera bullies you.
    The Vancouver Opera and DDB Canada collaborated with some street artists to create an opera that is relevant to today. These are part of the promotional posters campaign that gives you a taste of what it's like to be bullied. Commercials:  Entertainment Country:  Canada Read more about Vancouver Opera bullies you. Add new comment […]
  • Samaritans - Radar / #Samaritansradar - (2014) 2:15 (UK)
    Two minutes is a tad long for anything but it's now approaching standard which is a shame, because even in this rapidly moving skillfully acted p.o.v clip, I had some time to get bored with it. Country:  United Kingdom Commercials:  PSA & Public Interest Read more about Samaritans - Radar / #Samaritansradar - (2014) 2:15 (UK) 1 comment Add new comme […]
  • Alexander Wang x H&M = Urban uniform - (2014) 2:00 (Sweden)
    People have been eagerly awaiting the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, and the video launching it shows clothes cut for moving through rough weather and rough cities but in style. Country:  Sweden Commercials:  Fashion Read more about Alexander Wang x H&M = Urban uniform - (2014) 2:00 (Sweden) Add new comment […]
  • Arla - Time for Breakfast / Roosters - (2014) :30 (Sweden)
    Ok, Arla, now you're just messing with us. Where the hell is the snooze and off button? TURN IT OFF! STAWP! Country:  United Kingdom Commercials:  Food Read more about Arla - Time for Breakfast / Roosters - (2014) :30 (Sweden) Add new comment […]

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  • OK Go I Won’t Let You Down
    OK Go has partnered with Honda to launch the music video for “I Won’t Let You Down”, featuring the band riding UNI-CUB personal mobility devices along with Japanese school girl dancers and techno-pop trio Perfume. The video concept was inspired by the band’s visit to Robot Restaurant in Tokyo where girls in bikinis battle enormous […]
  • Myer Find Wonderful
    Myer, the Australian department store chain, has launched “Find Wonderful”, an integrated advertising campaign focusing on the desires and aspirations of its customer base. At the campaign is a commercial distributed on television, cinema, online and in-store media, starring Adelaide actress Tilda Cobham-Hervey. Tilda interacts with an animated world as she […]
  • Honda Don’t be that guy
    Honda Motors South Africa is running “Don’t Be That Guy”, a print advertising campaign promoting Genuine Honda Parts. Four seating diagrams each highlight the one seat that you don’t want to be in because your car broke down. Your seat in a packed theatre that you’re about to walk into 38 minutes late. Your seat […]
  • Sony Bravia Ice Bubbles
    Sony is promoting the Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD television with Sony Bravia Ice Bubbles, a commercial featuring frozen bubbles filmed in 4K (four times the detail of normal HD). The commercial sets out to capture the natural phenomenon and hypnotic beauty of blown bubbles freezing as they hit icy temperatures. The film is set […]
  • A Vaccine For Violence
    UNICEF UK is raising awareness of child-related violence across the world with “A Vaccine For Violence”, a commercial set in a pharmacy. A young child meets up with a GI Joe pharmacist who promises him a way to escape gang violence. It worked for Teddy. But will it work for him? A new report by […]
  • Air New Zealand Hobbits Are Back
    Air New Zealand, the official airline of Middle-earth, has launched a “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made”, a short film connected with the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The video features Air New Zealand staff and The Hobbit cast including Elijah Wood […]
  • It all started with a Sharpie
    It all started with a Sharpie. Creatives at Miami Ad School San Francisco have taken the “It Starts with Sharpie” tag line into the past to explore the creative thinking behind three well known logos for Apple, Playboy and The Rolling Stones. Rob Janoff was working for Regis McKenna as an art director in 1977 […]
  • IKEA Halloween in Store
    IKEA Singapore is paying homage to Stanley Kubrik’s cult classic, The Shining, in a Halloween web film set in the iconic IKEA showroom lanes. Danny rides his Big Wheel tricycle in a recreation of the infamous Overlook Hotel scene, with an eery conclusion. Look out for visual cues from the movie, including the twin girls, […]
  • Philips Afterglow Lights Up Ski Slopes
    Philips TV and Atomic Skis have launched “Afterglow”, a short film using massive lighting and LED suits to film skiers on the slopes at night in Alaska and British Colombia. Ski slopes were lit up using eight 4,000-watt lights, accented by smaller contrast and fill lights. Skiers wore suits each fitted with 7000 LEDs. ‘Afterglow’ […]
  • North Face Shop Floor Disappears
    North Face Korea is promoting the “Never Stop Exploring” message with a stunt filmed in a pop-up store in Seoul. Customers shopping for ski jackets suddenly found the displays ascending into the ceiling, and the floor disappearing below them, exposing a safety landing pad. Around them the walls were lined with rock-climbing holds. A North […]

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  • how well do you know horror movies?
    Staying with the Halloween spirit, created these fantastic minimalist posters for 10 popular horror films. With no words can you guess which movie is being represented in each poster? Bonus, you can download them as printable PDFs or use them as mobile and/or desktop wallpapers. You can find the answers here. 1) 2) 3)4) 5)6)7)8)9)10) […]
  • Trulia gets into the hallow-day spirit(s)
    When house hunting, there are few things spookier than the possibility of buying a haunted house. So who better to embrace all things Halloween than real estate site, Trulia. The first (and most epic way) they celebrated was to "trick" the hell out of home buyers with a staged haunted open house (seen in video above). Then, they created the infogra […]
  • another (funny) advertising parody
    It's pretty safe to say the advertising industry is the most parodied industry out there... besides maybe politics, which is usually parodied by others. Advertising parodies, on the other hand, are completely masturbatory, mostly created by our own people either because we all really appreciate self deprecating humor, we're all super narcissistic, […]
  • Jim Carrey is like a flat circle
    The former Pet Detective hosted SNL this past weekend and while the show may not be cranking out gems like it used to, every once in a while they totally redeem themselves (see what I did there?). By now, mostly everyone has seen the original Lincoln ads featuring Matthew McConaughey where he gives a nod to his former True Detective character. Sure, the spot […]
  • haggling, aint nobody got time for that
    Last week posted some new ads featuring grocery store clerks haggling with costumers for their groceries. Sure negotiating the price of brussel sprouts isn’t the same as negotiating a new hoopty, but that's the exaggerated point Edmunds is trying to make. The ads are pretty funny for most of us regular going, car buying consumers, but not ev […]
  • work it, that’s it, now give me blue steel
    Samsung launched a fun interactive website that gives you the opportunity to stand behind the lens at your own photo shoot with supermodel Ronja Furrer. Giving you multiple poses in different outfits, you’re able to snap a plethora of images to create the (fake) cover photo you never knew you wanted. Sure the website is only available in French or German, bu […]
  • shot in the face
    You know that moment when you take a whisky shot and pretend that you actually didn't mind it? Well, your face does not lie and it says that you wanted to puke...and cry. Meet Tim Charles: he photographed a series of people taking shots and captured their expressions perfectly. The results are hysterical and all too relatable - except that one chick bel […]
  • delivery, please.
    There is pretty much a delivery service for all life's necessities: laundry, grocery, dinner, parcels from grandma, etc. - but what if we told you that there is now an app that delivers cold, hard cash money. No more running out to inconveniently located ATMs, no more "I owe yous," no more being "that guy" who never has cash (althoug […]
  • beer o'clock
    We all like to think our agency is the coolest. Well, Colle+McVoy is pretty tough to beat, especially with their newest incentivizing invention: The TapServer. What is the number one bane of our existence? That's right, you guessed it: timesheets. The agency created a one-of-a-kind beer dispensary for those who've completed their timesheets and can […]
  • tales of the soupernatural
    Your mother always told you not to play with your food. Well, this Halloween, Campbell's Soup is telling you the exact opposite. On their Can Costume site, kids can print out a variety of ghoulish labels designed to fit their favorite Campbell's soup can. The result? It'll look like you're hoarding cans of Mummy Bandages and Mad Scientist […]

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  • How To Be A "Creative"
    As former Humble Pie guitarist Peter Frampton sang on his 1976, 11 million copy-selling live album, Frampton Comes Alive, "something's happening" in the advertising industry. All of a sudden, everybody/anybody can be a "creative". That's because everybody—brogrammers, consumers, account ass-suckers, clients, even PR morons—is cr […]
  • Let's Write Some New Taglines For Red Bull!
    As you've heard, Red Bull agreed to a $13 million settlement over an American class action lawsuit that alleged that the energy drink was “misleading customers” by making claims about the “functional beverage” and its ability to “give you wings”.  So. Red Bull Gives You Wings is as dead as the fucking dodo.Let's write some new taglines for the impo […]
  • The Disingenuousness of Cable Company Taglines, Ranked.
    (TWC's previous trademarked slogan was so meaningless, it induced head pain. It's almost as if they were shifting the responsibility for their dreadful service onto "you". Their reps should have ended every angry, shouting unresolved customer call with "That's the power of you!")__________Cable. The future doesn't look […]
  • Justin Bieber's Tattoos, Branded.
     (the canvas) As we all know, The Bieb's ever-growing tats collection is a road map of his spiritual journal from boy to man to king to god. And thousands of despicable websites have made lots of money off of obsessively documenting JB's ink for the hungry-for-Bieber-news masses.That's fucking bullshit. Justin? It's time for you to turn y […]
  • The Bullshittiest Buzzwordiest Advertising Week Tweets.
    It was "Advertising Week" in New York City, this week.What does that mean?Nothing.Not one fucking thing worth mentioning to anybody, anywhere on the entire fucking planet.For four days every Fall, "luminaries" (their word) come to New York City for Advertising Week to talk about "creativity", and "storytelling", and […]
  • The 5 Worst American Iraqi War Operation Brand Names.
    (not an official logo)In July, Israel launched "Operation Protective Edge" against Hamas in Gaza. What does that mean, do you think? Why doesn't the press ask what it means? Because you know days were spent around conference room tables committee-ing that name to death. Why not "Operation Protect Israel"? Or, "Operation Protecti […]
  • More Awful Stock Photos Turned Into Awful Ads.
    If you spend more than a normal amount of time online, you've probably noticed more and more "professional" bloggers turning to stock photos for quick stupid posts. This movement really picked up momentum about four years ago with the "women laughing alone with salad" post on The Hairpin.Lazy bloggers subsequently said to themselves: […]
  • Starbucks Ads Target "Complete Moron" Demographic.
    SOMETIMESTHE BEST WAYTO CONNECTIS TO GET TOGETHER.This is the no-duh sign-off line of new commercials via the $15 billion chain. These ads are what's called a "soft sell", as opposed to your local screaming car dealership commercials, which are "hard sell". Starbucks is soft-selling "getting together". Then, their logo oh-s […]
  • On EXTREME Copywriting.
     (2010 billboard. A phone is a bucket. With knuckles. Filled with female deer.)At some point, in the last seven years or so, advertising copywriters started an EXTREME headline movement—in your face, provocative ads that make absolutely zero sense. Why this movement is happening now, and didn't happen back in the Xtreme 1990s, I don't know. This ty […]
  • BREAKDOWN! Why David Fincher's New GAP Ads Are Fucking Terrible.
    BREAKDOWN! is a new semi-regular bullshit clickbait copyranter feature where I "break down" why popular new ads that most people like are in fact "Fucking Terrible".____________________GAP hired Fincher, Hollywood hero to both faux-tough misogynistic MRM douchebags (Fight Club) and passive-aggressive noodle-armed misogynistic tech doucheb […]

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  • Copic Thick + Fine: Viking
    Advertising Agency: FCB Chicago, USA Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford Executive Creative Directors: Dan Fietsam, Jon Flannery Creative Directors: Gustavo Dorietto, Gabriel Schmitt Art Director / Illustration: Gustavo Dorietto Copywriter: Gabriel Schmitt Retoucher: Karyn Bieneman Production: John Bleeden, Rachel Chapman Account: Jennifer Rowland […]
  • Copic Thick + Fine: Bear
    Advertising Agency: FCB Chicago, USA Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford Executive Creative Directors: Dan Fietsam, Jon Flannery Creative Directors: Gustavo Dorietto, Gabriel Schmitt Art Director / Illustration: Gustavo Dorietto Copywriter: Gabriel Schmitt Retoucher: Karyn Bieneman Production: John Bleeden, Rachel Chapman Account: Jennifer Rowland […]
  • Copic Thick + Fine: Luchador
    Advertising Agency: FCB Chicago, USA Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford Executive Creative Directors: Dan Fietsam, Jon Flannery Creative Directors: Gustavo Dorietto, Gabriel Schmitt Art Director / Illustration: Gustavo Dorietto Copywriter: Gabriel Schmitt Retoucher: Karyn Bieneman Production: John Bleeden, Rachel Chapman Account: Jennifer Rowland […]
  • Netflix: GIFs
    In Netflix latest communications in France, reactive GIFs are designed and managed to be relevantly in context to its viewer's physical or emotional situation. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Paris, France Executive Creative Director: Baptiste Clinet Creative Director: Nicolas Lautier Art Director: Julien Chiapolini Copywriter: Riccardo Fregoso Creative Ass […]
  • Kia: Fit for a king
    Advertising Agency: David&Goliath, USA Founder & Chairman: David Angelo Chief Creative Officer: Colin Jeffery Creative Directors: Driscoll Reid, Chris Hutchinson Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Chip Waters Sr. Art Director: Richard Fischer President: Brian Dunbar Group Account Director: Brook Dore Account Director: Mike O’Malley Account Sup […]
  • 13th Street: The episode
    Don't just watch, investigate. Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency management: Christophe Neyret Mathieu Laugier Executive Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras Creative Director: Olivier Apers Art Director: Alphons Conzen Copywriter: Adrian Skenderovic Photographer: Leskennedys Set design: Benjamin Guilloneau […]
  • 13th Street: The movie
    Don't just watch, investigate. Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency management: Christophe Neyret Mathieu Laugier Executive Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras Creative Director: Olivier Apers Art Director: Alphons Conzen Copywriter: Adrian Skenderovic Photographer: Leskennedys Set design: Benjamin Guilloneau […]
  • 13th Street: The season
    Don't just watch, investigate. Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency management: Christophe Neyret Mathieu Laugier Executive Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras Creative Director: Olivier Apers Art Director: Alphons Conzen Copywriter: Adrian Skenderovic Photographer: Leskennedys Set design: Benjamin Guilloneau […]
  • Planet Fitness / Planet of Triumphs: Accomplishments
    Advertising Agency: Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, USA Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red Executive Creative Director: Steve O’Connell Creative Directors: Ari Garber, Amanda Abrams Art Director: Jeremy Gilberto Copywriter: Jordan Breindel Interactive Creative Director: Derek Little Developers: Bryan King, Aaron Grando Interactive Designer: Hannah Dillon D […]
  • Nexus 9: For movers and makers
    Production Company: Brand New School Managing Partner: Devin Brook Executive Producer: Paul Abatemarco Head of Production: Amy Russo Creative Director: Robert Bisi CG Lead: Robin Kim CG Artist: Kim Im 3D Animators: Youn Kwack, Hao Cui, Adam Smith, Leo Juarez 3D Artist: Ron Winter 3D Modeler: Derrek Sesson 2D Animators: Scott Uyeshima, Carlo Flored, Brian Do, […]

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  • Donna Wilson Knitwear A/W 14: ‘Jumpers and Ice Cream’
    For the launch of her first women’s knitwear collection Donna Wilson commissioned Oliver’s Island to produce a film. Together they came up with the idea of spinning the model , Megan Turner Jones, on a wheel. ‘Jumpers and Ice Cream’ is a family of five exquisitely soft woolly jumpers inspired by rainy Sundays, mittened bike […]Related posts:Radio DonnaThrott […]
  • For a Cash Reward Could You Remember Your Landline Number?
    Landline telephones, surely they’ll be obsolete pretty soon because no one but telemarketers—and possibly your gran—uses them any more. Relish broadband decided to find out just how irrelevant they are and took to the streets of London waving a £50 note around, offering it up to anyone who could dive into their mind and come […]Related posts:Visa – BangingSt […]
  • Air New Zealand – Gilles Peterson LON/LAX FM
    Related posts:ASH New ZealandNew Zealand Vodka […]
  • Meet Victo the robot, powered by Samsung SSD 850 PRO
    Get Will Smith on the phone quick because I, Robot has just taken one step closer to becoming reality, the next gen of SSD cards has arrived and, according to this video, it can turn into a robot, travel the world at incredible speeds and charm the pants of any woman. But maybe those last […]Related posts:Samsung Central StationSamsung – Master the Power of […]
  • Hartley’s Jelly – That Friday Feeling
    No related posts. […]
  • Touching Video Shows Heroic War Zone Volunteers Saving A Syrian Baby’s Life
    You can’t look at the news at the moment without seeing the name ISIS. But in Syria it isn’t just these brutal terrorists that are causing death and destruction, the Syrian government itself is still responsible for many civilian casualties. With populated areas constantly under attack by “barrel bombs”—nasty oil drums full of explosives and […]Related posts […]
  • Björn Borg SS15 Fashion Show / Fashion Week Stockholm
    Video games and fashion unite on the runway of Stockholm Fashion Week for label Björn Borg‘ SS15 show. In the middle of Sweden’s capital lies Skeppsholmen Island and beneath this is the Skeppsholmen Caverns which hosted the event. Models wore slightly unnerving masks which turned them into avatars from a forthcoming video game by the […]Related posts:Konami […]
  • Fake Obama Visits Times Square And Tricks Tourists In This Hilarious Prank
    Nothing to see here, just President Barack Obama going for a casual stroll across Times Square with his entourage in tow. Well, not the actual president but a fake one—a look-alike called Bronx Obama—but that doesn’t stop the crowds from coming out en-masse. And it’s an epic undertaking by YouTube pranksters as they troll […]Related posts:New York […]
  • University Honors Military Students with Surprise Graduations
    Graduating from your degree is always a big moment, a time to soak up the congratulations for the hard work you put in. But, sadly, not everyone can attend the ceremony, especially the men and women of the military. To show how much people appreciate servicemen and women’s dedication, SNHU traveled across the globe to […]Related posts:AnnaNasBattlefolioBjörn […]
  • sugru builds the coolest water pistol… ever?
    Related posts:Sugru VS NoiseWalk on water (Liquid Mountaineering)WWF Hot Water […]
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