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  • Video: Lee Clow on '1984,' the PC and What Transformation Can Do
    Apple's first TV ad, "1984" by Chiat/Day and director Ridley Scott, ran at a time when the personal computer was little more than a word processor with 128 KB of RAM. Thirty-three years later, virtually every industry has been transformed, augmented or obliterated by the influence of digitization.As Ad Age reinvents itself for a new […]
  • Welcome to the New Ad Age
    Hello. For the past 12 months, while we've been diligently putting out our fortnightly (yes, that's a word) magazine and posting news at all hours, we've been also been hard at work in secret, building something new.For you!Ad Age has been around since 1930. It has a storied and influential heritage. An early tagline, reclaimed […]
  • Video With Agency Leaders: Reinvention Is ...
    As Ad Age rolls out its redesign, agency leaders spell out why and how they are reinventing themselves every day. Continue reading at
  • NFL Resurrects Unity Ad Following Trump's Call to Boycott
    The National Football League will re-air its Super Bowl commercial promoting unity during NBC's "Sunday Night Football" in the wake of President Trump's call for teams to fire players who protest during the national anthem and for fans to boycott."Inside these lines, we don't have to come from the same place to help each other […]
  • Everyday Moments that Matter: Anheuser-Busch InBev Finds Them on Twitter
    Sharing a beer is one of America's favorite pastimes: it's how we watch the game, celebrate the end of a long work week, and relax on the porch with friends. Anheuser-Busch InBev understands that these moments matter to people, and want their beers to be top of mind when it's time to celebrate.To connect with […]
  • Watch the Newest Ads on TV From Apple Music, Dodge, Lexus and More
    Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new TV commercials tracked by, the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion analytics from millions of smart TVs. The ads here ran on national TV for the first time yesterday.A few highlights: Apple Music serves up another one of its artist-discovery […]
  • Wendy's Fuels Fox Sports' Social VR Effort
    While virtual reality isn't sufficiently advanced to allow college football fans to play a down for the Fighting Irish like some sort of cybernetic Rudy Ruettiger, Fox Sports' social VR offering may very well be the next-best thing.On Saturday night, when Notre Dame suits up against Michigan State under the lights at Spartan Stadium, fans […]
  • Watch the UK's First TV Commercial, in Case You Missed It 67 Years Ago Today
    One role of social media is to resurface old ads, so today is the 67th anniversary of the first TV commercial to air in the U.K., created by Y&R London for Gibbs SR toothpaste. The 68-second spot has everything: To convey tingling freshness, the product is encased in a block of ice in a rushing […]
  • Megyn Kelly's Wake-Up Call
    #rightquote { float: right; position: relative; Continue reading at
  • Nearly Half of Millennials and Gen Xers Don't Watch Any Traditional TV: Study
    Almost half of adults 22 to 45 years old are watching absolutely no content on traditional TV platforms, according to a new study by Omnicom Media Group agency Hearts & Science.Instead, this 47% is consuming TV content and video on streaming platforms that didn't exist as recently as the series premiere of CBS's "NCIS." That […]

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  • Spike’s Rebranding as Paramount Network Is the Latest Maneuver in Cable’s Battle for Viewers
    Oxygen rolled out the yellow crime-scene tape and ripped-from-the-headlines stories and invited armchair detectives to test their sleuthing skills in a recent rebrand of the NBCUniversal-owned cable channel. Unofficial tagline: It's not your grandmother's true-crime network. This comes on the heels of other full-scale makeovers (A+E's H2 to Viceland) and shifts in focus (USA dropped...
  • With Young Sheldon, CBS Is Trying to Turn The Big Bang Theory Into a Big Franchise
    Chuck Lorre has created several huge TV hits over the past two decades, including Two and a Half Men, Dharma & Greg and now The Big Bang Theory, but he had always resisted spinning any of them off. "I don't like that," said Lorre. "I'm fundamentally opposed to taking something that's working and cannibalizing it...
  • What Marketers Need to Know About Location-Based Advertising and Where It’s Headed
    Marketers have long envisioned a world where millions of people walking by a Starbucks store on a hot day are served an offer for an ice-cold coffee while browsing a website on their smartphone. That scenario, by and large, hasn't worked out for brands so far due to complexities in ad targeting, challenges around reaching...
  • As IBM Ramps Up Its AI-Powered Advertising, Can Watson Crack the Code of Digital Marketing?
    In recent years, The Weather Company, which produces forecasts for 2.2 billion locations every 15 minutes, has been using its troves of data in ways that go far beyond what's happening outside. Since its acquisition by IBM in January 2016, the company has also begun swirling deeper and deeper into the world of advertising with...
  • NFL Airing Unity Ad During Sunday Night Football As Trump Fuels Controversy Over Protests
    After President Trump reignited the controversy over football players who kneel in protest during the National Anthem, the NFL is reportedly reairing a Super Bowl spot about bringing people together, during tonight's Sunday Night Football game. The decision was finalized this morning, according to CNN's Brian Stelter. "We think this is the single best response...
  • Infographic: Shoppable Media Is Transforming How Consumers Find and Then Buy Products
    From click-to-buy buttons on Pinterest to "swipe up" directives on Snapchat, the shoppable media ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace, making it easier than ever for advertisers to place products in front of consumers on the platforms they look to for inspiration. "It's essentially upending the consumer purchase journey," said Whitney Fishman Zember, managing...
  • Here’s Why Facebook Reversed Course on Last Year’s Stock-Reclassification Plan
    Hold that thought: Facebook's board of directors announced Friday that the stock-reclassification proposed by the company last April has been withdrawn. On the day Facebook reported its earnings for the first quarter of 2016, it also announced that its board approved a proposal to create a new class of non-voting capital stock, class-C capital stock,...
  • Instagram Welcomed Fall (and Spring) With New Stickers
    The seasons are changing, as are sticker offerings from Instagram. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network described its new stickers, tied to the change of season this week, in a blog post: "If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you'll see a new cozy sticker pack for autumn, complete with expressive acorns, falling leaves, warm...
  • Goodbye, Creator Studio App; Hello, YouTube Studio App
    YouTube's Creator Studio application is now YouTube Studio, complete with several new features. Product manager Jacquelle Amankonah Horton announced the renaming of the app in a blog post, detailing two new features. Users can now schedule posts directly from their smartphones, by time, date and video type (private, unlisted, public). Creators on the Google-owned video...
  • Patrón’s Snazzy New AR App Lets You Visit a Hacienda and Chat With a Bartender
    If you've ever wanted to plant a tiny cactus farm in the middle of your living room, Patr?n is here to help. The tequila maker is trying to help consumers learn more about its different boozes by bringing its Jalisco, Mexico, distillery to audiences wherever they are--using Apple's new augmented-reality toolkit. A new iOS11 app,...

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  • 'Star Trek Discovery' premiere review: Smart, serious sci-fi on a slow burn
    Star Trek history was made Sunday night, and not just because of Sonequa Martin-Green — who, as Michael Burnham, became the pioneering black female protagonist this franchise deserves. (Seriously, the camera can't get enough of her, delivering epic hero shot after epic hero shot.)  It's more than that. For the first time in the history […]
  • 'Outlander' episode 3 makes one huge change from the books; showrunner Ron Moore explains why
    This recap contains spoilers for Outlander Season 3, episode 3, "All Debts Paid." Episode 3 of Outlander Season 3 is a pretty big deal for fans of Diana Gabaldon's novels: Not only does it reintroduce a pivotal character in Lord John William Grey (all grown up and decidedly more dashing than the last time we […]
  • A year after Colin Kaepernick's first protest, his absence looms larger than ever
    It's strange to look back on it now, as the U.S. president scolds the NFL for a perceived lack of patriotism, but when then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's decision not to stand for the national anthem first draw attention last year, the football world wasn't impressed. Everyone from superstar quarterback Drew Brees to Kaepernick's old coach […]
  • Man's encounter with bears is the most Canadian thing you’ll ever see
    If a bear happens to enter your yard, experts say you should attempt to scare it away with loud noises, creating a negative experience for the wild animal. This way, bears won't lose their fear in humans, which can become incredibly dangerous.  Jordan Cote took a more polite approach.  "How a Canadian responds to wildlife," […]
  • #TakeAKnee protests are about police violence, not the military or the Constitution
    An unprecedented number of NFL players kneeled or otherwise protested during pre-game national anthems this Sunday after Donald Trump spent his weekend feuding with the league over the peaceful act. The hashtag #TakeAKnee (and a variant, #TakeTheKnee) trended on Twitter all day Saturday and Sunday as players and some team owners and front offices defied […]
  • Now you can sleep on the cool side of the pillow literally all night
    'Moona' is a water-based system that regulates the temperature of your pillow. It connects to an app that tracks your motion throughout the night, and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Cool water is pumped through the system to induce sleepiness, and warm water to gently wake you.  Read more...More about Apple, Iphone, Smartphones, Mashable Video, and […]
  • Donald Trump is running out of people to piss off
    Donald Trump is running out of people to piss off.  Sure, he's already on the bad side of plenty of Americans: immigrants, women, minorities, generally any decent people. Now, we can add professional athletes to the list. SEE ALSO: The first NFL game of Sept. 24 started with a powerful, unprecedented protest The president has […]
  • Walmart wants to deliver groceries to your fridge while you're not home
    Walmart is now offering to stock your fridge for you—even if you're not home.  The big-box giant is teaming with a smart lock startup called August Home to test a service in which workers would use a temporary door code to deliver groceries straight to your kitchen. "Think about that—someone else does the shopping for […]
  • 'Silicon Valley' shows how ridiculous the new iPhone X truly is
    Sometimes, it takes the cast of Silicon Valley to poke fun at the real world Silicon Valley. While the show masterfully ribs its own version of tech industry, a new cut from Funny or Die mashed scenes from Silicon Valley with Apple's iPhone keynote to reveal the ridiculousness that is the IRL iPhone X.  Sure, […]
  • Trump’s buddy Tom Brady links arm with teammate during national anthem
    The NFL vs. President Donald Trump showdown is really heating up now that Trump's good buddy Tom Brady is getting involved.  The 45th U.S. president called on NFL owners to fire any players that kneel or protest during the pre-game national anthem at a rally on Friday. Unfortunately for Trump, he overlooked the fact that […]

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  • TV ad: Ozmosis: Pay With Pain
    In the latest campaign via Ugly, Sydney for the Australian chain of surf and skate stores, Ozmosis invites customers to pay, not with cash or credit cards but with scars, scrapes and bruises. Customers will be able to go into any of Ozmosis' fifty-five stores and show a scar, scrape or bruise to a staff […]
  • TV ad: Voluntary Assisted Dying: Stop The Horror
    To urge politicians and voters to let the new Voluntary Assisted Dying law pass through Victorian parliament this year, Cummins&Partners with Revolver/Will’O Rourke’s acclaimed director Justin Kurzel have developed a shocking film project called ‘Stop The Horror’. The film depicts the horrifying reality of the last days of terminally ill patient, Greg Sims. Viewers whilst […]
  • TV ad: Taylors of Harrogate: The Extraordinary Journey 'Coffee'
    Lucky Generals has created a new TV campaign for Taylors of Harrogate, including two new spots aimed at demonstrating the lengths it goes to in pursuit of extraordinary flavour.The two 30" spots take viewers on an extraordinary journey from plantation to mug, bringing to life the quality ingredients, craftsmanship and creativity that goes into blending […]
  • Interactive ad: Wendy's: Wendy's Find The Burger
    Wendy's via MullenLowe, Manila decided to disrupt how people normally decide where to eat, through a creative incentive for potential store visitors . Using Facebook Live, a newly-launched feature at the time, the brand came up with a live stream game of Finders Keepers, telling Facebook fans that if they could guess the Wendy's locations […]
  • Interactive ad: GE: Unseen Stars
    In a continuing effort to elevate women in STEM, GE is rewriting the stars and projecting the faces of famous female scientists and engineers onto the ceiling of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. In February, GE announced the Balance the Equation initiative to grow its workforce of professional women in science and engineering roles. […]
  • Outdoor ad: Come aumentare il seno
    Ecco come aumentare il seno in maniera naturaleCategory: Health & safetyClient: Murky MaskAgency: Murky MaskExecutive Creative Director: Sophia SanchiniCreative Director: Sophia SanchiniArt Director: Sophia SanchiniCopywriter: Sophia SanchiniDirector: Sophia SanchiniAgency Producer: Sophia Sanchini
  • Outdoor ad: liquor Barons: MAKE COCKTAILS NOT WAR
    As the world holds its breath a timely message to Agent Orange and Rocket Man.Category: Drinks, alcoholicClient: Liquor BaronsAgency: AT CreativeExecutive Creative Director: Andrew TinningCreative Director: AndrewTinningArt Director: Andrew TinningCopywriter: Andrew TinningArt Director: Taige GrebePhotographer: Simon WestlakeOther credits: Client Chris O'Brien.
  • Outdoor ad: liquor Barons: MAKE COCKTAILS NOT WAR
    As the world holds its breath a timely message to Agent Orange and Rocket Man.Agency: AT Creative, PerthCategory: Drinks, alcoholicClient: Liquor BaronsAgency: AT CreativeExecutive Creative Director: Andrew TinningCreative Director: AndrewTinningArt Director: Andrew TinningCopywriter: Andrew TinningArt Director: Taige GrebePhotographer: Simon WestlakeOther credits: Client Chris O'Brien.
  • Outdoor ad: RED CROSS CYPRUS: The Guernica Project: AFRICAN CONTRY
    Category: Public services & utilitiesClient: RED CROSS CYPRUSAgency: Marketway/publicisCopywriter: alessio criscuoliCopywriter: Konstantinos ArkadiouCreative Director/ art director: alessio criscuoliIllustrator: Giuseppe TruscelliPost production: Giuseppe Truscelli
  • Outdoor ad: RED CROSS CYPRUS: The Guernica Project: ARAB CONTRY
    It’s one of the most famous pieces of art, recreated in today’s world or worse yet in today's wars. These pieces replicate Guernica in the modern day, exhibiting the tragedies of two wars happening today. They are urging people to pay attention to them just as they’d pay attention to Picasso's masterpiece. They showcase the […]

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  • A Desert Island Paradise … and a Great Podcasting Course
    On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman showed off an incredibly easy (no, really) way to boost the power of your content, make it more audience-friendly, and even enhance your SEO. On Tuesday, things got a little silly when we asked our editorial team what their “desert island” copywriting technique would be. Come check them out — with […]
  • The Showrunner Podcasting Course Is Open (For a Limited Time)
    Yes, the course is open (temporarily). Yes, I want you to join our community. Yes, podcasting is an excellent marketing channel. But first, we need to answer the question burning inside your brain … Who is The Showrunner Podcasting Course for? Now, I’m going to be one of those guys and answer your question with […]
  • What’s Your ‘Desert Island’ Copywriting Technique? Answers from Our Team
    You’ve been shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, somewhere with blue skies and dazzling aquamarine waters. But after some time passes, no matter how big a fan of sushi you are, the appeal of your solitary paradise starts to wane. You’ve amassed a fine collection of rocks — suitable for crafting, let’s say, a copywriting message. […]
  • One Ridiculously Easy Way to Enhance the Power of Your Blog Posts
    The overall aim of your blog is to help your audience with the issues they struggle with while also educating them on what they need to know to do business with you. That’s too much responsibility for just one article, so each blog post you publish can be thought of as a piece of your […]
  • The Bold and the Stressful: Smart Ways to Make a Big Move
    Sometimes, you just have to muster your courage and do something Big. It might mean making a brave statement with your content, or creating a splash by launching something new and amazing. On Monday, Brian Clark shared a strategy for telling a more gripping story by using the framing power of contrast. And he showed […]
  • Why I Love Broadcasting My Podcast Recordings Live
    Seven years ago, I recorded my first live podcast. The process was remarkably simple, even then: my co-hosts and I called into BlogTalkRadio on our phones and we provided postgame commentary for a basketball game that had just ended. I’m pretty sure the three of us outnumbered listeners for that first show. So the stakes […]
  • A Quick-Start Guide to Video Content: Become Confident on Camera in 5 Steps
    Videos are everywhere. They’re on your Facebook feed, your Instagram wall, and they also come up in search engine results. As a former TV journalist, I know that video is a powerful way to reach people — and being on camera regularly solidifies your connection with your audience. I had the pleasure (sarcasm intended) of […]
  • Supercharge Your Benefits with Contrast Storytelling
    Your copy has to convey the benefits of buying, period. But have you thought about how to best frame those benefits? The Framing Effect is a psychological response in which people react to a particular choice in different ways depending on how it’s presented. For example, we tend to want to avoid pain more than […]
  • Simple Tips for a Productive Short Week
    How was your long weekend? Or, if you don’t live in the States, how was it watching all your U.S. pals enjoy the long weekend? This was Labor Day week in the U.S., which means about half of my compatriots are running around this morning thinking it’s Wednesday, the other half think it’s Friday already, […]
  • 2017 Content Excellence Challenge: The September Prompts
    We’re moving toward the end of the year — and it can be easy to start going into “hunker down” mode instead of “growth” mode. But we still have four more months of 2017 left — and it’s definitely not too late to do something epic this year! This month’s prompts are designed to keep […]

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  • Tesla Thinks About Building Convenience Stores Around Superchargers
    If convenience stores and rest stops evolved around travelers’ need to fuel up, why shouldn’t the same be true for electric vehicles? So it makes sense that Tesla is envisioning a possible future where their supercharger docks are surrounded by other amenities for drivers. Restaurant Business reports that Tesla executives suggested the idea of a […]
  • Latest Obamacare Repeal Bill Would Gut Medicaid For Dozens Of States; Opposition Rising Inside Senate
    The last-ditch proposal to effectively repeal the Affordable Care Act remains deeply unpopular, even while Senate Republicans try to rally the votes to make it happen. And in the midst of all that politicking, a new federal analysis shows that several of the states whose Senators’ votes leadership is trying to curry could be badly […]
  • Netflix Pulls Episode Of Children’s Show After Parents Complain About Phallic Image
    Kids’ cartoons often have jokes or imagery included just to amuse the parents and babysitters forced to sit through countless replays in the company of a youngster. But some folks weren’t amused that one Netflix animated show included an image that looks very much like a crude sketch of male genitals. Variety reports that Netflix […]
  • People Have Finally Figured Out That They Don’t Need To Wait In Line For An iPhone
    Apple’s iPhone has been with us for ten years now, and Apple fans have gradually come to realize an important truth. No, not anything about iPhones themselves: They’ve come to realize that they don’t need to actually wait in line overnight on release day to get a device. One former investment analyst who followed the […]
  • L.L. Bean Runs Full-Page Ad You Can Only Read In Sunlight
    In a move that simultaneously evokes awww-neat childhood memories of “invisible ink” while also marketing an outdoor lifestyle brand, L.L. Bean has taken out a full-page newspaper ad that can only be read in the sunlight. To anyone picking up today’s New York Times and seeing the ad while indoors, it’s a largely blank space […]
  • More Regular Hotels Discover The Joy Of Charging ‘Resort Fees’ For Normal Amenities
    Travelers don’t necessarily expect to see resort fees, or extra expenses added to their bills for things that other hotels include in the bill, when staying at a hotel. It turns out, however, that this is an increasingly common practice. It lets hotels advertise lower rates and impose fees when guests get there. Urban Facility […]
  • Photographer Claims Urban Outfitters, Macy’s Used Tupac Photos Without Permission
    The late Tupac Shakur might no longer have any say over how his image is used, but that doesn’t mean you can use a photograph of the famed rapper without getting permission from the photographer. That’s why both Macy’s and Urban Outfitters find themselves on the receiving end of a federal lawsuit over T-shirts sporting […]
  • Amazon Wants To Deliver That Shake Shack Burger You Don’t Feel Like Getting For Yourself
    Not content with its recent push into groceries with the purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon is now expanding its efforts in restaurant delivery with a new partnership that could allow customers to order from chains like Shake Shack, Chipotle, and Applebee’s online. Amazon is teaming up with Olo, a company that handles digital ordering and […]
  • Verizon Says Some Cut-Off Rural Customers Can Stay, But They Must Ditch Unlimited Data Plans
    Verizon recently notified around 8,500 rural wireless customers — accounting for nearly 20,000 phone numbers — that their service was going to be cut off for good on Oct. 17 because they spent too much time roaming off the Verizon network. Following the negative public reaction to this news, Verizon has decided to give these […]
  • Gatorade Gets In Trouble For Making “Inaccurate” Anti-Water Statements In Game
    Sure, any aspiring track star would love to be just like eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt. But years after Gatorade pushed a mobile gaming app starring the athlete’s character that urged players to “Keep your performance level high by avoiding water,” the company will have to pay $300,000 as part of a settlement resolving […]

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  • Pepsi Light Iconic Moments
    Pepsi’s “Pepsi Light Iconic Moments” advertising campaign has won Gold at the Clio Awards for print, print technique (art direction and photography) and out of home (billboard). The three advertisements in the Pepsi Light Iconic Moments campaign, targeting young urban people, feature a skateboarder, parkour runner and a breakdancer wearing red, white and blue. Their […]
  • GE Meet Molly, the Kid Who Never Stops Inventing
    GE has launched “Meet Molly, the Kid Who Never Stops Inventing”, a commercial celebrating the engineering solutions developed at GE. We’re introduced to Molly, a young girl who comes up with brilliant solutions to problems in the home, including taking out the trash, selling Girl Guide cookies, making her bed, sweeping the floor and mowing […]
  • Dad Jokes with a purpose
    HHS’ Administration for Children and Families (ACF), along with the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, has launched a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) recognizing the critical role fathers play in the lives of their children. The public service campaign created by the non-profit Ad Council coincides with Tell a Joke Day and centers on […]
  • Volkswagen Arteon as sensed by blind photographer Pete Eckert
    Volkswagen is promoting the new Arteon 4-door fastback with an advertising campaign featuring blind photographer Pete Eckart. At the centre of the campaign is an inspiring mini documentary exploring Eckert’s unique creative vision. Pete Eckert trained in sculpture and industrial design before becoming blind through retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease in which the back wall […]
  • The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day
    Apple is promoting the latest Siri features with a commercial featuring The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. The commercial, “The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day”, has the actor, producer and professional wrestler using Siri to tick off items on his life long bucket list. In a whirlwind of activity he uses Siri’s connection with FaceTime, email, […]
  • Volkswagen Humans Adapt
    Volkswagen France is running “Humains”, a commercial promoting the brand’s environmental credentials. Earlier in the month the French government announced plans to phase out petrol and diesel powered vehicles by 2040. The Volkswagen Humans campaign responds with the promise of adaptation. People have always adapted to their environment, often without realising, whether it be eating […]
  • Vogel’s What do you bring
    Goodman Fielder in New Zealand is running “What Do You Bring?”, a new brand platform for the iconic Vogel’s bread, celebrating the uniqueness of Kiwis, and of the bread they love. The idea centres around the true life stories of eight Kiwis that all bring something special to the table. None of them had met […]
  • IKEA Lion Man – Relax into greatness
    IKEA UK’s latest advertising campaign features Lion Man, a symbol of the importance of relaxing and recharging in one’s living room so we can go on to do great things. Based on the fact that lions spend up to 18 hours a day at rest, the campaign follows the story of a Lion Man as […]
  • We Are America – Love has no labels
    The Ad Council’s “We Are America” commercial, part of the Love has no labels campaign, is one of the nominations for Most Outstanding Commercial at this year’s Emmy Awards. Launched for Independence Day 2016, the We Are America ad featured American professional wrestler, rapper, actor and reality television show host John Cena reflecting on patriotism […]
  • Squarespace Calling John Malkovich
    Squarespace commercial “Calling John Malkovich” is one of the nominations for Most Outstanding Commercial at this year’s Emmy Awards. The Super Bowl commercial is a continuation of the Squarespace campaign in which John Malkovich sets out to establish an online fashion design business. Things get tricky when he discovers that a namesake has already got […]

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  • Dispensing wellness on-the-go
    We've all been there - you're at work or traveling and have a headache (from the previous day's happy hour) and no aspirin on hand. Or you get a spontaneous booboo and don't have bandaids in your bag or an easy way to get some.CVS is experimenting with bringing the pharmacy to consumers via vending […]
  • If you build it, drive them there
    What happens if your business opens up in a new place, but the location is kind of remote? You create your own bus line explicitly just for the sake of getting to that location. That is what Burger King did when its first restaurant in Brussels opened in an inconvenient location. In light of this, there […]
  • The heart and sole of a purchase
    TOMS is the shoe brand adored (and adorned) by many, and for years it has helped consumers feel good about buying a product that directly gives back to others.TOMS is amplifying its efforts this year to build a stronger connection between its mission, the consumers, and those who are receiving a pair of shoes as […]
  • A cliffhanger of an experience
    When you have a consumer with a specific passion and needs, it's good to go out and meet them where they are.Like, say, a cliff. Company 37.5 Technology did just that and launched a remote pop-up shop to reach hardcore climbers. The location is known for having potentially big shifts in weather, so the company […]
  • Prost to function & style
    Grab a pretzel and don your lederhosen - Oktoberfest is here.adidas Originals created a suede shoe for Oktoberfest-going consumers that incorporate fun elements into the design, including an embroidered pretzel on the back, the word “Prost” (Cheers) is featured above the classic 3 stripe, among others. These elements alone are kitschy enough to get people […]
  • Preparing the next purchasing generation early
    Hulu was the first before Netflix and Amazon Prime. But, they missed the boat by not investing in original programming early. Now they've taken a very positive step to get that market back. Hulu and Spotify created a joint marketing program that has broken the price barrier directed at their most important potentially profitable market….college students. […]
  • The Reality of Short Attention Span Is Impacting How Brand Tell Their Story
    I love my DVR. I love the fact that I can record my favorite shows and then speed through the commercials. Yeah, that's right, even us industry folks do it! But if those commercials were just six seconds, would you give them a chance? Brands are hoping you will, and if not, well, it will just […]
  • Why tell a story when you can experience it?
    As a parent myself, I have always been mindful of how much sugar and salt my kids are eating. It's shocking just how much sugar is being absorbed into our kids’ systems every day. So shocking, in fact, that Kind Bars brought the statistics disturbingly to life in Times Square last week by dumping over 45,000 […]
  • A "tiny" inspiration delivers a big impact
    It seems that you can’t turn around anywhere without seeing a new tiny house tv show or feature on a website or even in a magazine. I’m the first to admit that I really like the idea of a Tiny House, but I have so much stuff! Well, Otter Pops, a staple of the parental grocery […]
  • Changing the way we think about a brand
     Sometimes familiarity with a brand makes it invisible. You think you know everything there is to know and that puts you in a position to not care. For example, I bet you think you know pretty much all you need to know about Cheetos. They're cheesy, they're crunchy, they have a Cheetah for a pitch-man, and they […]

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  • Huggies: The World's First Marathon for Babies
    The World's First Baby Marathon Trailer The World's First Baby Marathon Episode 1: Ready, Set, Go! The World’s First Baby Marathon Episode 2: Hitting their stride Turns out babies move around way more than anyone has ever realised. Studies suggest that once babies become mobile, they can cover anywhere between one and seven kilometers in […]
  • Shiner Bock: Hearse
    Shiner Bock: Hearse Shiner Bock: Hearse Video of Shiner Bock: Hearse
  • Shiner Bock: Bars
    WDPR_SinerBeer_Bars_30_2 WDPR_SinerBeer_Bars_30_2 Video of WDPR_SinerBeer_Bars_30_2
  • Brooke Bond: Tea cups – Peace one day
    Brooke Bond – Peace One Day Brooke Bond – Peace One Day Video of Brooke Bond – Peace One Day
  • Guinness: Croke Park Tunnel
    guinness_-_2017_all-ireland_final_1.jpg Social post for the 2017 men’s All-Ireland final. As Ireland prepares for one of the biggest sporting moments in the Irish calendar, we capture the anticipation and build up to the match with an image of the tunnel at the iconic Croke Park stadium. guinness_-_2017_all-ireland_final_1.jpg  
  • Craghoppers: The Trouserless Nightmare
    Trouserless Nightmare | Craghoppers Craghoppers clothing brand has some of the most protective outdoor trousers on the market, people just don’t know what they’re missing out on… Or do they? A quick search on the internet and you will read about the common dream of being naked in public, our subconscious is telling us we […]
  • Skinn: #TheresSomethingAboutIt - Her
    Skinn #TheresSomethingAboutIt (Her) Skinn #TheresSomethingAboutIt (Her) Video of Skinn #TheresSomethingAboutIt (Her)
  • Skinn: #TheresSomethingAboutIt - Him
    Skinn #TheresSomethingAboutIt (Him) Skinn #TheresSomethingAboutIt (Him) Video of Skinn #TheresSomethingAboutIt (Him)
  • FiberCreme: Hug Me
    FiberCreme - Hug Me FiberCreme - Hug Me Video of FiberCreme - Hug Me
  • Snickers: Writers - The Ugly Duckling
    snickers_final_rgb.jpg When you are hungry you can think of nothing but food. But what if you are hungry and you are Hans Christian Andersen or William Shakespeare? We believe that Andersen will write not famous The Ugly Duckling, but wonderful cookbook – The Tasty Ducking. And Shakespeare will write wonderful book about omelets “The Omelete”, […]

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  • THE INVISIBLES – the book you cannot read at home
    Poland. During winter temperature drops to even minus 30 degrees Celsius. This is why in 2017 as many as 116 people froze to death. Mainly the homeless ones. Mainly because no one cared to help them. THE INVISIBLES. This is what the Homeless are to us. The post THE INVISIBLES – the book you cannot […]
  • Taxi became a new Battlefield 1 vehicle
    The buzz in Moscow today is not about US elections. The reason is a new Battlefield promo. Game world is now discussing the most expected EA shooter release, dreaming about the great squad assembling and taking part in the most hard fought battles of the World War I. Electonic Arts in collaboration with Yandex.Taxi servise […]
  • Dove Real Beauty Beats
    Dove proves that real beauty touches the heart. Campaign monitors men’s heart rates while they describe female beauty. Dove is known worldwide for promoting ‘real beauty’ in campaigns that highlight the importance of women’s self-esteem. With this motto, the project Real Beauty Beats was designed by the creative studio Black Ship for Dove Portugal. Carried […]
  • “Duel” – Audi Presidential Debate Commercial
    The race to be the next Commander-In-Chief has never been fiercer, with the debates heating up to become the duel of the century. Audi is bringing you our own version of political satire, with two valets duking it out in an epic, knock-down-drag-out fight to the finish for the highest prize of them all. Hint: […]
  • Are Old Nokia Phones Really More Durable Than iPhones?
    [via Design Taxi] The post Are Old Nokia Phones Really More Durable Than iPhones? appeared first on adverbox. No related posts.
  • Pilgrim’s Choice – Choose a choon
    Pilgrims Choice invites the public to ‘Choose a Choon’ for its TV ad The post Pilgrim’s Choice – Choose a choon appeared first on adverbox. Related posts: Hachi Tei Sushi Foods from Spain Primo
  • Miley Cyrus In One Minute, In One Take
    From Disney tween star to twerking deviant, the career of Ms Cyrus has been one that divides people into being obsessive fans, the parents of those obsessive fans, haters, and people who don’t really care that much. Oh yeah, and the media, who care intensively. It’s a career that’s very much to be continued. But […]
  • #ExoBaby: Hyundai Use A Baby In An Exoskeleton Suit To Promote Their Latest Technology
    Sometimes commercials can be awesome in how they convey a message, this is one of those times. Mostly with newborn babies you dress them in a onesie, the all-in-one bodysuit that ensures they’re kept warm and relatively dry but means you can also get access to their diaper quickly when you need to. This baby […]
  • What if Manhattan…
    Can you imagine if you lived in New York City and woke up one morning to find that everyone had gone, you couldn’t fail to notice something like that. However this isn’t a plot line for the film ‘I Am Legend’ with you playing Will Smith’s role, instead it’s an disturbing visual observation of what […]
  • AutoTrader: Build My Ride
    The post AutoTrader: Build My Ride appeared first on adverbox. Related posts: Volkswagen Commercial: The Force Fiat 500 TwinAir – Less Emissions, More Fun Fiat Punto MyLife
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