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  • Instagram: How to See Fewer Pet Ads
    Did you know that Instagram allows you to customize your advertising preferences in order to see less ads related to specific topics, such as politics and alcohol? Our guide will show you how to see fewer pet-related ads in the Instagram application. Note: These screenshots were captured in the Instagram app on iOS. Step 1:...
  • TikTok Threatens to Sue Trump Administration Over Executive Order
    TikTok, the popular social video app, fought back this morning, threatening to take President Donald Trump's administration to court after a weeks-long public battle that culminated last night. In the late hours of Thursday evening, Trump announced an executive order instructing U.S. citizens and companies to cease "transactions" with TikTok parent company ByteDance over alleged...
  • Facebook Extends Branded Content Tag to Public Groups
    Facebook extended access to its branded content tag to administrators of public groups. The branded content tag now enables admins of only public Facebook groups to publish content in partnership with or on behalf of brand advertisers and include a paid partnership label in the interest of transparency. Facebook The tool also gives those brand...
  • Nathan Young Steps Down as President of Diversity Advocacy Group 600 & Rising
    Nathan Young, the Minneapolis ad strategist who worked to spark industrywide progress on diversity and inclusion, announced this morning he is resigning as president of 600 & Rising, the advocacy group he co-founded after the police killing of George Floyd. Young faced vocal criticism from his fellow diversity advocates after tweeting on July 29 that...
  • 4 Ways Sports Marketers Are Evolving Strategy in the Covid-19 Era
    For many of us, sport is a much-needed divergence from our daily lives. Historically, when the economy was down or when you were experiencing life's daily discord, sports was a welcome aberration for the mind. As a fan, you could always count on your favorite team taking the field or court a certain time of...
  • On Beer Day, New Belgium Sends Climate Change Warning With Price Spike
    How do you measure the cost of climate change? While a comprehensive answer to that question may be impossible to find, New Belgium Brewing is trying to address it in one small way--by attempting to calculate what beer will cost after agriculture is significantly disrupted due to climate change. If the prices of barley, wheat...
  • What If Film History Was Vertical?; Inside Amazon Seller Lawsuits: Friday’s First Things First
    Welcome to First Things First, Adweek's daily resource for marketers. We'll be publishing the content to First Things First on each morning (like this post), but if you prefer that it come straight to your inbox, you can sign up for the email here. Apple Brilliantly Imagines a Parallel Universe Where Hollywood Always Used...
  • An Illustrator Turned These 1-Star Reviews of National Parks Into Works of Art
    Graphic designer Amber Share isn't the first person to seize on a negative review and flip it on its head for marketing purposes. Some self-deprecating brands have been doing it successfully for years. But the North Carolina resident has put her own spin on the advertising trope, taking one-star reviews of U.S. national parks and...
  • LinkedIn Takes Steps to Help Laid-Off Employees Find New Roles
    When LinkedIn laid off roughly 960 employees last month due to the effects of Covid-19, CEO Ryan Roslansky said in an email to employees that the professional network would take several steps to help those who were displaced find other roles, either at LinkedIn or elsewhere. One step in that direction was revealed this week,...
  • Facebook to Lease All 730,000 Square Feet of Office Space in The Farley Building
    A company that made a fairly significant commitment in May to remote work going forward just made a fairly significant real estate commitment this week. Vornado Realty Trust said this week that Facebook leased all 730,000 square feet of office space in The Farley Building, formerly the James A. Farley Post Office, in Manhattan. Facebook...

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  • Best cheap laptop deals this weekend: Check out great Lenovo and HP sales
    It's Friday, which means you've officially made it through yet another week. Congratulations! We are very proud of you.  And because you've done it again, we think it's time for a treat: cheap laptop deals. The perfect way to end off the week, isn't it? This time around, we found some pretty stellar discounts on […]
  • This spooky thriller from the creator of 'Derry Girls' is well worth your time
    Now that we've binged our way through I May Destroy You and Normal People, there is a gaping chasm in our lives that badly needs filling.  Well, good news: Here to plug the ever-growing void is a new drama from the creator of Derry Girls, Lisa McGee, and her husband Tobias BeerThe Deceived is a […]
  • Musk eyes Mars after second Starship prototype soars in the sky
    SpaceX successfully got its second Starship prototype off the ground and then landing it back down. Starship is a spacecraft that could one day transport people to Mars (and beyond!).w Read more...More about Space, Mashable Video, Mars, Elon Musk, and Spacex
  • Facebook not happy Apple is forcing Gaming to launch on iOS without games
    After many, many unsuccessful attempts to get into Apple's App Store, Facebook's Gaming app is finally out on iOS. But it's missing an important functionality — gaming. And Facebook's not too happy about it.  In a statement given to The Verge, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg criticized Apple's App Store rules, which bans gaming platforms (that […]
  • Disney+'s 'Howard' thoughtfully reflects on the legacy of one of Disney's greatest creative minds
    The first movies I fell in love with were Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. I don't remember how old I was, but I do remember watching them constantly, reenacting the best scenes with my older brother, and singing to the soundtracks on long car rides over and over again. There was just […]
  • 'She Dies Tomorrow' is a movie night for the existentially challenged
    I’m going to die. You’re going to die. But Amy is dying tomorrow. In the hauntingly titled She Dies Tomorrow, written and directed by Amy Seimetz (whose shared name with the film’s protagonist is no accident), existential dread drips from every frame. Seimetz couldn't have expected her film, imagined in a pre-pandemic world, to pair […]
  • Netflix's 'Work It' is the sleek, funny dance movie we deserve
    Read more... {"player":{"description":"\"No one can do you like you can.\"","image":"","mediaid":"A6nG2gNR0N","preload":false,"title":"Liza Koshy and 'Work It' co-stars on how they achieved social media domination","sources":[{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""}],"player_id":"WmgvXppl"},"options":{"disableAds":false,"disableSharing":false,"nextupAction":"autoplay","embedUrl":"","standaloneUrl":null,"post":{"url":"","date":"2020-08-06T17:31:03.772Z","bp_id":117795,"wp_id":null}},"advertising":{"params":{"keywords":"entertainment,youtube,instagram,netflix,mashable-video,tiktok","sec0":null,"sec1":"","prc":""}},"analytics":{"labels":"entertainment,youtube,instagram,netflix,mashable-video,tiktok","videoSeriesName":null}} More about Movies, Netflix, Dance, Movie Review, and Liza Koshy
  • The 17 best tweets of the week, including beans, Trump memes, and Speed Racer
    Another quarantine week down! Only an indeterminate, indefinite, perhaps infinite amount left to go. I'm here to deliver some good tweets from this week to you. We've been collecting the best posts of the week for a while now because we're all stuck inside and sometimes it's good to laugh at tweets. Sure, Twitter is […]
  • Please enjoy 'Normal People' star Paul Mescal drunk dancing through a hotel
    Bet you didn't think you'd wake up to a video of Normal People's Paul Mescal thrusting his crotch at the camera in a bout of drunken dancing.  Well, here you are, and welcome to this new Rolling Stones music video, which is titled "Scarlet" but should really be called "Paul."  With dance moves to rival […]
  • Jimmy Fallon roasts the NRA with a sadly perfect joke
    In case you missed the news, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is in some hot water at the moment. Specifically with New York's attorney general Letitia James, who is attempting to dissolve the organisation over allegations of financial mismanagement. And during his Thursday night monologue, Jimmy Fallon had the perfect response. "Wow, the NRA as […]

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  • TV ad: Adidas ZX: ZX Range
    Hypebeast brought Builders Club onboard for the latest campaign for Adidas Originals ZX, which includes a 45 second spot exploring Adidas' latest ZX range through a masterful fusion of 3D and hand animation, simulations, and CG. In order to convey the surreal, but 'oddly satisfying' feeling of the spot, Builders Club created the ZXience lab, […]
  • TV ad: Gojek: The Flow
    Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand multi-service platform has unveiled its first international marketing campaign. Created via Forsman & Bodenfors, Singapore the campaign is built around Gojek's ability to remove everyday frictions from people's lives, bringing more 'flow' - more days when everything just works.Category: OtherClient: GojekAgency: Forsman & Bodenfors, SingaporeProducer: Céline RoubaudArt Director: Patrick KnowltonArt […]
  • TV ad: KBank / BLACKPINK: BLACKPINK is Back
    KBank and GREYnJ United Thailand have launched a new film, again featuring Korean girl group BLACKPINK, encouraging Gen Z to combat the socioeconomic tension they may be experiencing using KBank's new online platform which has been especially launched for them. Gen Z, the younger siblings of millennials, account for one-third of the Thai population and […]
  • TV ad: Arizona Coyotes: Howl Yeah
    The desert is an unlikely home for a hockey team, yet the NHL's Arizona Coyotes have a passionate following. To energise and expand the pack, the Coyotes tapped 9thWonder for a rebrand that debuted this week as the team returned to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time in eight years. 'Howl Yeah,' the […]
  • TV ad: Public Health England: Better Health, 60s
    Public Health England has launched a new brand and campaign, ‘Better Health’ - its biggest campaign since the launch of Change4Life in 2008. The through-the-line campaign has been developed at pace to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis and reduce people’s risk of becoming seriously ill from diseases, including Covid-19. A new TV ad and PR […]
  • TV ad: Public Health England: Better Health, BMI
    Public Health England has launched a new brand and campaign, ‘Better Health’ - its biggest campaign since the launch of Change4Life in 2008. The through-the-line campaign has been developed at pace to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis and reduce people’s risk of becoming seriously ill from diseases, including Covid-19. A new TV ad and PR […]
  • TV ad: Public Health England: Better Health, 30
    Public Health England has launched a new brand and campaign, 'Better Health' - its biggest campaign since the launch of Change4Life in 2008. The through-the-line campaign has been developed at pace to tackle the nation's obesity crisis and reduce people's risk of becoming seriously ill from diseases, including Covid-19. A new TV ad and PR […]
  • TV ad: OPPO: Go for it
    OPPO signals strength in Western Europe, releasing new ad campaign celebrating FC Barcelona, milestone market expansion. OPPO wants Barca fans to "Go for it" The ad spot takes viewers into a young fan's world as she dribbles her way to victory, casting off naysayers and self-doubt as she prepares to join a men's match. Splicing […]
  • TV ad: McDonald's: Welcome Back To The 90s
    Over the month of August as part of the Government's Eat Out To Help Out programme, McDonald's will be rolling the clock back on prices to give customers across the nation an opportunity to enjoy their iconic products at a price they haven't seen in years. To celebrate its return to the '90s, Leo Burnett […]
  • TV ad: PSA: On Lockdown
    The organisation putting stunning animation to verse, Motionpoems, has released their latest project 'On Lockdown', directed by Calum Macdiarmid, produced by Roxanne Artesona and in partnership with Durable Goods. Macdiarmid captured the loneliness of lockdown with the drive to do more in the wake of George Floyd's death using stark animation inspired by realist painters […]

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  • Googly-eyed robots, aisle 9
    The owner of Giant grocery stores is teaming up with a company called Badger Technologies to launch robots in 172 of its mid-Atlantic stores.At 6'3", it's a rather tall robot, unlike small roombas that scoot around partially undetected. It's end result helps consumers in some way, by making sure products are stocked on shelves and […]
  • Arby's-themed subscription boxes
    Awareness is often a key, and important, marketing objective for brands to get consumers started on the path to purchase. However, sometimes not enough effort is placed on, or invested in, their true brand loyalists.Take Arby's, who created a 6-month monthly subscription box, that doesn't contain food, but rather sandwich and Arby's themed merchandise for […]
  • Emotional support (fried) chicken
    Emotional support animals run the gammet these days, and more and more people are trying to bring them on planes, from peacocks to fish.Fast food chain Popeyes created a limited edition carrier, served at the Philadelphia airport, for passengers to take on board as their "emotional support chicken." It's a TSA-approved way for consumers to […]
  • Hoo-whaaat?!? Lil Jon + Kool-Aid collab
    It seems that every year, more and more artists release their own covers and versions of holiday songs. Probably for good reason - consumers love revamps of the classics and new hits to keep their holiday playlists fresh.So why shouldn't brands get in on this holiday trend? Enter Kool-Aid and Lil Jon, who just released […]
  • Dove Men+Care is bringing Dads+Kids together
    Whether we realize it or not, haircuts are a big part of the holiday season for many. Whether it's for holiday parties or family, it's nice to take a moment for yourself and freshen up your look.Dove Men+Care is building on that and transforming it into a way for Dads and their kids to spend […]
  • Look out Super Bowl, Bud Light's coming to town
    The Super Bowl isn't just about the football - it's also about the ads, and of course the halftime show. Bud Light is creating its own brand experience centered around music and hosting an entire music fest the weekend leading up to the big game in Atlanta, where its being hosted. And they are getting […]
  • Discover unknown places first, with Lufthansa
    Travel companies have used unique ways in the past to encourage consumers to travel (and hopefully use their services to do so). Lufthansa create an experiential photography exhibit to show people photographs of truly unique places they've never seen before - but then revealed the reason why that is, is because they don't actually exist. […]
  • Brrrrrr-inging trial to outerwear
    Luxury outerwear brand Canada Goose has really grown in popularity, and if you've been intrigued by how warm the coats look and googled it or asked someone who owns one, you know they cost more than your average Patagonia or North Face down coat (sometimes 3x+ as much).The company knows they need to put their […]
  • Digitally connected cafes offer virtual meals
    Let's throw another shrimp on the bah-bee, and pour another pint o'Guiness for a meal with loved ones overseas!Terrible cliches aside, Samsung is creating pop-up restaurants that allow people in Dublin to virtually enjoy a meal with an expat loved one in Sydney, Australia, based on the high volume of Irish citizens that move to […]
  • Sausage-scented wrapping paper, by Jimmy Dean
    Aaaaahhh...there's nothing quite like the smell of savory sausage on Christmas morning, emanating from your....wrapping paper. Yes, wrapping paper - not your kitchen.For sausage enthusiasts, Jimmy Dean is giving away free branded items in exchange for pictures of consumers' favorite recipes and dishes featuring JD's sausage. Other items include a glass sausage ornament, an apron […]

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  • Gojek: The Flow
  • Chasing Hope
    A new mini-doc that launches today following six Texas families using medical marijuana to treat their children’s epilepsy, aiming to bring increased awareness to the legal and financial barriers around this potentially life-saving medicine. The film was born out of the personal struggle and experiences of filmmaker, Ryan Durr - an Associate Creative Director at […]
  • Spotify: Music That Drives You
    Music sets the mood in every situation, especially when you're driving. With Spotify, you'll always have the right music for your driving experience... whatever it may be.
  • Autodromo Nazionale Monza: Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix
  • McDonald's: M'c you feel at home
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  • Coweed: Coweed
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  • Humanise: Change the Course of Things
    Every ad post-COVID sounds the same. We’ve become so used to terms like “unprecedented”, “uncertain”, and “extraordinary”, we don’t even hear them anymore. This film piece aims to say something a little different. 3_humanise_b2b_60.jpg   4_humanise_b2b_60.jpg   5_humanise_b2b_static.jpg   6_humanise_b2b_static.jpg  
  • Champ: Come Prepared
    Champ is a new line of top-quality DTC condoms and lubricants to help overcome the often unpleasant experience of shopping for condoms. Champ created 100% all-natural top-quality products offered online DTC, delivered in discrete packages for an unparalleled customer experience. shot-14_27-edit.png  
  • Durex: Sexth Sense
    The challenge set was to raise awareness on disabled people being sexually active. Society's prejudices marginalise and exclude them from even being considered as sexual beings.

 To solve this, we came up with "The Sexth Sense", a campaign that uses the lack of one of the five senses in five different medias to discover what […]
  • iPhone: Hockey Tape
    The new Shot on iPhone commercial, directed by Gary Land of GLP Creative, is a smile-inducing work of camaraderie on the ice featuring the antics of Vegas Golden Knights’ Marc Andre Fleury and Mark Stone. The project, which was filmed just before the shut-down, launches as the NHL Playoffs begin and is a celebration of […]
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